‘Chicago P.D.’ Star Jason Beghe Reveals What Would Cause Him to ‘Either Quit or Get Fired’ from Show

by Shelby Scott

NBC‘s “Chicago P.D.” enters its 9th season this September and fans couldn’t be more excited. The season 8 finale saw several various cliffhangers. We’re hoping that the exciting, new premiere finally brings us some answers.

Further, the excitement of “Chicago P.D.” seems to be a big factor in what keeps fans and cast members involved. During a previous interview, Hank Voight actor Jason Beghe revealed what would cause him to either quit or get fired from “Chicago P.D.”

Like Hank Voight, Beghe’s interest and passion rely on a frequent change of pace. He also finds consistent personal growth as himself and as his character important. During an interview earlier this year with tvmeg.com, Beghe received a question about whether starring in a long-running TV show like “Chicago P.D.” ever gets boring. They further asked how he keeps things “interesting and fresh” on the set.

Overall, “I’ve never gotten bored,” Beghe said conclusively. “If I did, I would probably either quit or get fired.”

He further explained that both as himself and his character, Voight, he has a lot to work on. That’s what keeps him motivated and far from boredom.

“That character,” Beghe continued. “He’s growing and changing all the time.”

He compared his role as Voight to his role as himself in reality. “It’s a work in progress,” he said.

“My relationship with Voight is like a relationship. I learned from him; he learned from me…it’s exciting,” he confirmed.

‘Chicago P.D.’ Highlights Feature in New ‘One Chicago’ Trailer

Just like actor Jason Beghe, we are incredibly excited to see the Sergeant return for another season of “Chicago P.D.” And while the show’s network has been gracious enough to provide first look photos of the season premiere, the new “One Chicago” trailer is absolutely thrilling and promises a host of dramatic scenes and meaningful moments.

The trailer itself opens with the cast of “Chicago Fire” overlaid by the baritone voice of the iconic Chief Wallace Boden. The clip plays through featuring an even more intense scene between “Chicago Med” characters, Sharon Goodwin and Will Halstead.

The end of the trailer, however, features some incredibly brief upcoming snippets from the season premiere of “Chicago P.D.” and if we weren’t impatient before, we definitely are now.

One major scene features Sergeant Hank Voight himself stating, “The only thing that matters is saving her life,” followed by a scene of Officer Kim Burgess unconscious in a hospital bed following her ordeal at the end of season 8.

Another scene shows Burgess alongside her unit members, including Ruzek, Halstead, and Upton peering at something with a flashlight. Most likely a dramatic portrait, but we’ll see.

And then the final moment shows Ruzek holding Burgess’s hand, as Boden states in the background, “We’ll always look out for each other.”

Be sure to check it out here.