‘Chicago P.D.’ Star Jason Beghe ‘Wouldn’t Throw a Fit’ Over Having to Kiss One Costar

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images)

Chicago P.D. star Jason Beghe knows a big part of the show involves character relationships. Whether platonic or romantic, some of the most interesting subplots involve how characters interact with one another. When asked about romance in the show, Beghe said he “wouldn’t throw a fit” kissing one costar.

Speaking with TV Meg, Jason Beghe and Jesse Lee Soffer fielded questions about acting. The interviewer, Suzanne, mentioned Sam and Voight trusting one another now. After inquiring about a possible romance between the two, Jason gave his thoughts.

“Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Maybe I like that, that it doesn’t have to be that, and I also think that – this is just me personally, [but] I don’t think there’s much sexier than mystery. I don’t want to get too poetic, but on the great romantic poem, Ode on a Grecian Urn, [there are] these two lovers that are painted on this urn, and they’re at that moment where they’re about to kiss, and the whole thesis is that’s the best moment, not the kiss, and not the lovemaking, but that’s where all the energy is.”

Expanding on his answer, Beghe says he enjoys the mystery, but a romance wouldn’t be the worst thing to happen. “So, I tend to think that I’d like to keep it there, but we’ll see. I wouldn’t throw a fit if I was forced to kiss her, Nicole Parker.”

Funnily enough, it almost seems as if Jason Beghe thinks it’d be more interesting for the characters not to hook up, though if it meant kissing Parker, he’d be fine with it.

Here’s How Despite Not ‘Seeing Eye-To-Eye, Halstead And Voight ‘Appreciate” One Another On ‘Chicago P.D.’

One of the most interesting relationships on Chicago P.D. is that between Jay Holstead and Hank Voight. Despite often butting heads and clashing with their ideals, the two seem to get closer as the show progresses. One Chicago Center recently revealed what to expect on that front in upcoming seasons.

“You will see more of [Jay pushing back against Voight], but maybe not in the way it played out in previous seasons. Their relationship’s really grown and there’s a mutual respect,” Soffer disclosed. Though previous disagreements seemed to stem from a lack of trust, the outlet said this won’t be the case moving forward.

Additionally, the two characters possessed very different styles of policing. Portrayed as a dirty cop in earlier seasons, Voight has lightened up in that regard. In fact, that’s what will apparently be a source of conflict between Jay and Hank. Holstead wants Voight to grow and adjust to the current political climate. According to Soffer, “in the new world…Voight might need to be a different kind of cop [to succeed], from Jay’s perspective.”

Soffer’s words are vague, but intriguing, and seem to promise an interesting development between him and Beghe.