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‘Chicago P.D.’ Star Jesse Lee Soffer Poses with a Gorgeous Sunset in Behind-the-Scenes Pic

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Jim Spellman/WireImage)

Chicago P.D. may be far from the sun setting on its television run. The hit NBC drama is still one of the most popular shows on television. And, with the events happening so far in the NBC drama’s ninth season, we know things are still just getting started!

However, one of Chicago P.D.’s stars, Jesse Lee Soffer, was eager to show off one sunset earlier this week!

The Chicago P.D. actor, who portrays Jay Halstead on the popular series, shared a beautiful sunset pic to his Insta Wednesday. The gorgeous view is one Soffer saw while waiting along with his fellow Chicago P.D. castmembers for darkness to fall while on the set to film the show’s most recent episode titled In the Dark.

“This is right before we filmed the last scene of tonight’s episode while waiting for the sun to set,” Jessie Lee Soffer says in the Wednesday Instagram post which teases something big for the Wednesday evening premiere.

“Hope you guys enjoy tonight,” the Chicago P.D. actor says. “You’re in for a ride!

In the Wednesday Chicago P.D. episode, Jesse Lee Soffer’s character, Jay Halstead finally discovered the big secret Hailey Upton has been keeping from him since the end of the series’s eighth season. During the Chicago P.D.’s eighth season finale, officer Hailey Upton kills a man who was responsible for the vicious attack and kidnapping of one of Chicago One’s own officers.

Chicago P.D. Sergeant Hank Voight was present during the killing. Upton was visibly shaken after killing the man. However, she agreed with Voight that she would keep the death a secret.

Voight covered up the killing by burning the body and then burying the rest.

‘Chicago P.D.’s’ Upton Struggles With Guilt

When the Chicago P.D.’s ninth season premiered last month, Upton was still struggling with her deadly secret. And, when the officer who had been attacked and kidnapped by the dead man asked about her assailant, Upton lies and tells the officer that the attacker had gotten away.

Upton’s guilt over the incident finally came to a head Wednesday, during the In the Dark premiere as Jay finally puts the pieces together. Knowing that Voight was behind the coverup, Jay Halstead finds the location of the body. Only to then be confronted by Voight.

In a tense moment, the Chicago P.D. Sergeant tells his officer that Upton saved his life when the attacker reached for a gun. And, Voight adds, he never meant for Hailey to be there during the confrontation.

“Jay, you can be mad at me,” Voight says to Halstead in the intense Wednesday evening scene.

“You can be as angry as you want,” the sergeant continues. “But now you know, so help her.”

As In the Dark comes to a close Hailey wakes up in bed to find Halstead watching her from the door. The moment is simple. But intense, as we see that she knows Halstead has finally uncovered her deadly secret.