‘Chicago P.D.’: Jesse Lee Soffer Once Revealed the Wildest Scene He’s Filmed for Show

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Jim Spellman/Getty Images)

Though “Chicago P.D.” frequently features intense scenes, some of them are crazier than others. During an interview, Jesse Lee Soffer revealed the wildest scene he’s done for the show, among other things.

Wasting no time, Soffer quickly offered insight into how far he’s willing to go with stunts when asked about it. According to him, he’d do basically anything if the show allowed it. Much to his dismay, the network and producers call the shots there. This is unsurprising considering how explosive some of the scenes are.

Despite that, he likens the cast to a sports team, saying there are consistently people in the infirmary. According to him, someone is always getting a “boo-boo.”

So, if he’s willing to do virtually anything, what is the craziest thing they let Jesse Lee Soffer do on the set?

“It wasn’t even a stunt, but I actually used live ammunition in a scene. I don’t know if it was sanctioned by anybody, but we were blowing the hinges off of a door with a shotgun,” said Soffer. “We were rehearsing it, and then we got to the real thing, we had SWAT guys there and they were like, ‘You know, Jesse’s been trained, he knows what he’s doing.’ So I got to shotgun a door off the hinges.”

While relatively tame in comparison to what often happens on the show, the fact Soffer himself used the shotgun with live rounds is still interesting. He also notes he’s doing more “crazy” stunts now, meaning he might be able to top his shotgun endeavor.

What Could Happen To Samantha Miller In Season 9 Of ‘Chicago P.D.’

Season 9 of “Chicago P.D.” premieres on September 22 and there’s a lot of questions remaining to be answered. One of the biggest is regarding Nicole Ari Parker’s character, Samantha Miller. With Samantha recently losing her son, producer Rick Eid offered insight to Monsters and Critics.

“I think she’s going to figure out what she wants to do and how. What happened to her son connects to this idea of policing and reform, but she’s not going to blame reform for her son’s death. I don’t think that it’s that simple. I think she ultimately believes that she did the right thing and just didn’t get the right result with her son. It’s a complicated issue. It’s not one plus one equals two here.”

Eid speaks on it further, offering his own insight on the matter and what Samantha is experiencing.

“I think that she did the right thing. It’s just interesting to put somebody who’s a proponent of reform in the face of reform, someone who’s a believer in reform and put them in a really difficult situation to see if they walk the walk when it really matters. And I liked the fact that she did.”

Overall, with so much set to happen in season 9 of “Chicago P.D.,” it may be a good idea to look back at season 8.