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‘Chicago PD’: LaRoyce Hawkins Broke Down Atwater’s First Reaction to Samantha Miller Arriving on Show

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images)

“Chicago PD” highlights as one of the “One Chicago” universe’s successful three first responder-centric series. As such, writers and showrunners have a lot to consider in conveying contemporary issues within the fictional world of “Chicago PD.”

One of the show’s major dilemmas surrounds how exactly to respond and portray events surrounding the current social landscape. As one “Chicago PD’s” sole black officer, Kevin Atwater actor LaRoyce Hawkins previously spoke out about his character’s first reaction in learning Samantha Miller would be joining the unit.

In speaking with Monsters & Critics last spring, Hawkins said, “Atwater’s proud of where this sister has found herself. He’s looking forward to learning more about her.”

Nicole Ari Parker Joins the Cast

Regarding Hawkins’ personal reaction to the news, the actor shared, “I was extremely excited to know that Nicole [Ari Parker] would be joining the vibes. She’s been a powerful face and name within the Black culture for a while.”

Actress Nicole Ari Parker played a prominent role as Deputy Superintendent Samantha Miller during the eighth season of “Chicago PD.”

Fans were later delighted when they learned the character would return in season nine. Now, progressing through season nine, both Parker and Atwater play crucial roles. Their characters help in conveying the realities and circumstances surrounding the black community and law enforcement.

Of Parker’s inclusion on the show, Hawkins said, “To see her take this opportunity, I was looking forward to it. I think her character is doing a great job of adding that balance.”

Hawkins, as both an actor and a character, adds a lot of insight and relevance to current events within “Chicago PD.” However, Parker’s role as Deputy Superintendent adds another layer to the conversation surrounding the black community and law enforcement. Primarily, it points to current discussions surrounding women, and women of color specifically, in places of authority and power.

‘Chicago PD’ Fans Await Voight’s Fate Ahead of New Episode

The collection of difficult subjects navigated within recent seasons of “Chicago PD” definitely lend the NBC show authenticity and truth. However, current storylines follow an entirely different issue altogether which we saw emerge way back in the season eight finale.

Season nine of “Chicago PD” has been anything but normal for fans and its characters alike. Following the murder of the season eight finale, fans have watched as District 21’s investigative unit has almost entirely deteriorated.

Recent episodes have seen Officers Halstead and Upton almost entirely lose the spark which remained a fan-favorite highlight across seasons. Meanwhile, Voight and Halstead have literally come to blows over the murder and coverup and now we’re left wondering if the younger officer will turn on Voight in favor of the FBI’s deal.

If Outsiders recall, the previous new episode of “Chicago PD” saw Halstead facing a near impossible decision. The investigating FBI agent proposed that Halstead either gives up the truth about Voight and Voight goes down for the season eight murder, or both he and Hailey Upton take the fall.

Hopefully, showrunners are kind to us ahead of the New Year.