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‘Chicago PD’ Star LaRoyce Hawkins Compares Jason Beghe To a Kitten

by Joe Rutland
(VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images)

When you watch Chicago PD, then you see Jason Beghe playing a tough type of character. But LaRoyce Hawkins says he’s like a kitten.

Say what? Yes, sir, that’s one thing Hawkins said about his co-star in an interview with Looper. Beghe plays Hank Voight on the NBC show; Hawkins plays Kevin Atwater.

Now, Hawkins is asked what it’s like to act alongside Beghe. “He’s honestly a kitten,” he said. Well, the interviewer then asked for further clarification.

‘Chicago PD’ Star Elaborates On Calling Jason Beghe ‘A Kitten’

Oh, we got it too. “He’s something like a kitten, man,” the Chicago PD star said. “I use that word because that’s what he would call himself. There’s nothing but love, honestly.

“He loves the show so much,” Hawkins said. “He loves everybody on it so much. When we find him being intense, it comes from a place of heart, like that’s the part that he’s connected to, and that’s part of the reason why I do my best to connect to what’s real for me.”

“What’s real for Jason oftentimes is that pure love that he has in that moment,” Hawkins said of his Chicago PD co-star. “I’ve seen him do it with his family. I’ve seen him do it with us as family. That’s the part of Voight that doesn’t give up on a case the same way I know Jason wouldn’t give up on anybody in his life.” 

Real-Life Experiences Can Be Used Within Storylines

Hawkins said that they pull from the real references in life and that Beghe is much like that. “Honestly, minus that voice, which is extremely intense, you might have a different perspective on his intentions,” he said.

“I think it’s the voice that makes everything feel darker than it should be,” the Chicago PD star said. “I love his voice. It’s like you don’t want it to go anywhere. He’s definitely like a big brother to me. He’s taught me a lot.”

Sometimes, stars and cities where they are based will have a tie or two. You know, family ties. This is true for Beghe himself.

Beghe’s dad, Renato W. Beghe, was born and raised in Chicago. He went on to become a tax court judge, per The Washington Post. The Hank Voight actor’s mom went to the University of Chicago. And his brother lived there as an adult.

Oh now, there is much more to the Chicago connection. And it is just not limited to the Chicago PD star’s parents either. Jason Beghe’s grandpa was a musician with the Chicago Symphony. Beghe can even trace his name back to a former two-term governor of Illinois—it was his great-grandfather. What an amazing set of family circumstances.