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‘Chicago P.D.’: Marina Squerciati Opens Up About Kim Burgess’ Future with PTSD

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Mark Sagliocco/Getty Images)

Season 9 of “Chicago P.D.” has seen a lot of drama regarding our beloved cast. Now, next week marks the eighth new episode of the season. And recently, Officer Kim Burgess actress Marina Squerciati talked about her character’s future with PTSD following last season’s injuries.

Simply being shot and undergoing lifesaving surgery is incredibly scary in itself. However, Squerciati said her character has begun to suffer from PTSD for other reasons.

During a September interview with Hello! magazine, she discussed the character’s ongoing battle from the start of the new season of “Chicago P.D.”

She told the outlet, “She’s really affected in the beginning.” However, unfortunately for Burgess, things have only gotten worse.

Squerciati further revealed, “she is fighting a darker side of herself and that’s winning…the real challenge will be [Detective Hailey] Upton and Burgess, because Upton knows Roy is dead.” However, as we know, due to Upton and Voight’s coverup of Roy’s murder, “Burgess’ PTSD is [manifesting] because she thinks Roy is out there waiting to get her.” Meanwhile, Upton has been unable to inform Burgess of the opposite.

However, while Burgess’ PTSD is definitely an important factor throughout the latest episodes of “Chicago P.D.,” the dynamic between Upton and Burgess is sure to develop in new and interesting ways as the season progresses. At the time of the interview, Squerciati said, “That relationship between Upton and Burgess hasn’t been explored.”

Although she admitted she was excited to see how the pair develops as “Chicago P.D.” goes on.

Which ‘Chicago P.D.’ Character Takes the Heat for Roy’s Murder?

Burgess’ PTSD has already begun to play a major role in the unit. And considering current ongoings surrounding tension rising between our “Chicago P.D.” officers, her mental health has become all the more influential.

As stated before, Upton and Burgess’ relationship as coworkers will eventually become strained if Upton continues to hide the truth. Meanwhile, Halstead and Voight are enduring major tension. So far, neither has been willing to give in and compromise, considering their sentiments regarding Roy’s murder and coverup.

As such, last week’s episode saw the two men clash, with Halstead telling Voight, “I don’t trust you.” At this, Voight tells the younger officer, “I can’t have you on my team if you don’t trust me.”

Ultimately, all this tension is bound to tear the unit apart eventually. However, in the meantime, another crucial question concerns which character will be taking the heat for Roy’s murder.

Overall, we assume either Upton or Voight takes the fall. After all, they’re the only two characters who know the full truth of what happened to the season eight suspect. That is, except for Halstead which is where the majority of this season’s tension comes from.

Nevertheless, NBC‘s “One Chicago” franchise has a way of surprising us when it seems things are at their most dim. Perhaps, showrunners will hit us with a curveball that satisfies all current plotlines and viewers alike.