‘Chicago PD’ Star Marina Squerciati Takes Daughter to Musical in Adorable Photos

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images)

On Monday (November 29th), Chicago PD star Marina Squerciati took to her Instagram with an adorable snap of her and her daughter attending Frozen the Musical.

“FROZEN THE MUSICAL!” The Chicago PD castmate proclaimed with a pic of the actress holding her daughter, who is wearing an Elisa costume. “Go see live theatre friends! It’s a magical holiday experience!”

The Chicago PD star announced she was pregnant in February February 2017. She had her daughter in May of that year. While chatting with Chicago Parent in 2018 about what she is instilling in her daughter as she grows. “I have three adjectives in my head whenever I’m parenting. But it’s not like I wake up and am like, ‘This is my mantra for the day.’ I want her to be brave. I want her to be confident and I want her to be kind.”

The Chicago PD cast member then stated that she doesn’t dress her daughter in “pink and frills” but she also wants to respect that if that’s what her daughter wants as a woman. “She’s allowed to choose that. If she doesn’t want to be a bada—, that’s fine too. I just want her to choose and be confident in her choices.”

Squerciati then noted that she wants her daughter to be safe but also wants her to be brave. “I don’t want to sort of swoop her up in every single instance. Inside I’m pretty uptight, but I really am trying to parent in a more low-key manner.”

‘Chicago PD’ Star Marina Squerciati Talks Raising Her Daughter in Chicago 

Also during her interview with Chicago Parent, Chicago PD star Marina Squerciati opens up about raising her daughter in the city of Chicago. “People are so nice and kind and support,” Squerciati explained. “There’s a feeling to Chicago that I don’t think you could replace in another city. There is so much to do here.”

The actress also spoke about returning to the Chicago PD set after giving birth. “Because I was fit beforehand, I thought I would just bounce back. I’d be like, ‘I’m fine, I can do it.’ [and get back to the gym.”

She then remembered asking her doctor when she could get back into the gym to start training for Chicago PD. “He said six weeks. I was like, ‘Pshaw, what about four?’ And He was like, ‘I don’t recommend it.’ And I was like, ‘But can I do it?’ He was like, ‘Yeah, I guess so.’”

So she tried to go back to training at four weeks. “I was like, ‘Oh hell not!’” the Chicago PD star admitted. “I don’t think I went back to the gym until eight months.”