‘Chicago P.D.’ Star Marina Squerciati Explains Why Portraying Kim Burgess Means So Much to Her

by Joe Rutland

There is something special, Outsiders, that “Chicago P.D.” star Marina Squerciati finds in playing Kim Burgess on the NBC crime drama.

The role means a lot to her. Why is that so? An article from the Chicago Sun-Times in May 2021 seeks to answer that question.

Squerciati plays a Chicago Police Department officer who suffered a miscarriage last season after being beaten while trying to save a young woman. Burgess carried the child fathered by her former fiance, Adam Ruzek.

In real life, Squerciati is the mother of a young girl. She said that her “Chicago P.D.” storyline showed why parenting is truly a serious business.

‘Chicago P.D.’ Star Takes Her Real-Life Role As Mother Seriously

“It’s great as an actor because you don’t have all the tools at the beginning of an episode, right?” the “Chicago P.D.” actress said. “And you’re unpacking your box and learning how to deal with each thing as it comes up.

“Also as a working mom myself, it’s this constant hustle of trying to do your job while trying to take care of your kid and earn a living at the same time,” Squerciati said. “Sometimes, I feel like I’m doing everything kind of well — I’m not killing it [laughs]; I’m doing OK.”

Critics, according to the Sun-Times article, have called “Chicago P.D.” a purveyor of what’s called “copaganda.” That’s where a TV series solely shows police officers as heroes.

Actress Said Cast Member LaRoyce Hawkins Keeps Storylines Timely

Squerciati said that actor LaRoyce Hawkins, the lone African-American series regular on “Chicago P.D.”, raises his voice about storylines. She said Hawkins makes sure they reflect real life.

She thinks that “you can’t start a cop show — a Chicago cop show in a post-George Floyd world — without acknowledging it,” she said. “I feel like that would be socially irresponsible. [And] I think that the writers giving LaRoyce this voice in order to speak to that part of the unrest is really important.

“Now, I don’t think the show does everything perfectly because it’s a television show,” the “Chicago P.D.” star said. “But I think addressing reform is really important.”

Dick Wolf Show Did Not Pick Up Emmy Nomination For Its Work

There are some “Chicago P.D.” fans out there who wonder if the show would pick up an Emmy nomination. Would it get one since it was created by “Law & Order” franchise founder Dick Wolf?

Well, it did not. That’s according to an article from onechicagocenter.com. The show, which has been on NBC for eight seasons, returns this fall for Season 9. It’s also back for Season 10, too.

Jason Beghe, John Seda, and Sophia Bush star on the show, which focuses on the 21st District of the Chicago Police Department.