‘Chicago PD’: New Photos Revealed for Upcoming Season 9 Premiere

by Shelby Scott

The season 9 premiere of “Chicago PD” is soon upon us. As we prepare for the opening episode, NBC has released exclusive photos and recaps. The network shared multiple video stills from Season 9 Episode 1. Based on what we’ve been provided, we cannot wait to see how those images pan out on screen.

For now, however, TVLine provided us with some useful recap video footage and information from “Chicago PD.” The overall clip helps to explain the scenes taking place within the exclusive sneak peek photos. Photos capture highlight characters such as Voight, Halstead, Upton, and more.

Upton and Voight feature prominently following their “deadly decision” to kill a suspect at the end of “Chicago PD” Season 8. The media outlet provided that the opening shot perhaps indicates the pair has encountered someone critical in Burgess’s abduction. Voight further exposes himself in a non-threatening approach in the pair’s shot, pistol held out and away to his right.

Further, the recap features Ruzek distraught following Burgess’s abduction. Additionally, the season 9 synopsis for “Chicago PD” states she “continue[s] fighting for her life as the team scrambles to find her kidnapper.”

The first-look photos additionally capture new addition, Deputy Superintendent Samantha Miller. The preview photos feature her as she hunts down her son’s killers. The young man’s death came at the end of season 8. One photo captures Miller most likely in conversation with Upton. The bottom right corner captures the top of a familiar blonde head and ponytail. Overall, those responsible appear to be in trouble as Miller’s expressions are both intent and deadly serious.

Finally, the outlet stated that while NBC hasn’t mentioned anything further on Halstead and Upton’s relationship, the season 9 premiere of “Chicago PD” should expand on Upton’s suggestion for the two to get married which came at the end of season 8.

Season 9 of “Chicago PD” premieres at 10 p.m. ET on Wednesday, September 22nd.

‘Chicago PD’ Originally Starred Clint Eastwood’s Son, Scott Eastwood

NBC‘s “Chicago PD” features a dynamic host of characters, however, prior to the show’s premiere in 2014, it originally intended to feature Scott Eastwood, movie icon Clint Eastwood’s son.

TVLine stated that Eastwood starred in exactly one episode of “Chicago PD” as one of the department’s original lieutenants. Following the singular episode, Eastwood departed the set. He was initially cast as officer Jim Barnes during the show’s pilot, however, sources said he split the scene for “creative reasons.”

While we can’t be sure whether or not there was any aggravated reasoning for the actor’s departure from “Chicago PD,” he did go on to star in major hit films. A few include “Suicide Squad,” “Pacific Rim,” and “The Fate of the Furious.”

Following the actor’s leave, “Chicago PD” quickly and efficiently recast his character, naming the beloved Jesse Lee Soffer as Detective Jay Halstead.

Nine seasons later, “Chicago PD” fans are surely grateful that producers cast Soffer. After all, his character Halstead is part of what makes the show so dynamic.