‘Chicago PD’: New Season 9 Pic Confirms Major Character’s Fate

by Shelby Scott

The One Chicago franchise concluded its shows last season with some major cliffhangers. As we prepare for the franchise’s new seasons this fall, we’ve learned that “Chicago PD” will conclude the fate of one major character. Gracioulsy, production has granted viewers the return of Officer Kim Burgess.

The “Chicago PD” season 8 finale saw Officer Kim Burgess make a desperate escape after taking gunfire from two criminals. The finale plays out and eventually, she escapes. Officers Halstead and Atwater find and rescue Burgess. They then take her to Chicago Med where viewers presume she will recover.

Nevertheless, as all good shows do, “Chicago PD” leaves viewers wondering whether or not Burgess will survive. However, it appears fans can finally stop worrying. The One Chicago Center website shared a photo of Kim Burgess actress Marina Squerciati on the set of “Chicago PD.” Additionally, the photo shows the actress sporting 0 signs of season 8’s ordeal. Overall, we’re given a hint that the officer will return in season 9 alive and well.

However, despite the character’s seeming physical wellbeing, the article highlighted another interesting result of the shooting. It will be interesting to see how Officer Burgess is mentally coping with her experience following physical recovery. It’s not as if you can get shot, defy death, then not suffer any kind of trauma or PTSD. So perhaps the season premiere will explore that aspect of the incident.

Regardless, feel free to breathe a sigh of relief. It appears all of the show’s major characters are planning to return to the set of “Chicago PD” during the newest season.

“Chicago PD” Adds Actress Nicole Ari Parker to Season 9 Cast

“Chicago PD” fans may express relief to know longtime cast member Marina Squerciate is returning. However, season 9 will feature the addition of another show regular and that’s recurring character Nicole Ari Parker as Deputy Superintendent Samantha Miller.

“Chicago PD” fan-favorite characters will no doubt face their traumas and unresolved problems from the season 8 finale. However, the new season promises turmoil for new character addition Samantha Miller.

Last season’s finale encapsulated the death of Miller’s young adult son, Darrel. Darrel owed money to a big-time drug dealer. Darrell approaches Officer Hank Voight but Voight simply tells Darrell to let things lie. Hoever, the boy tried to take care of the issue on his own. In his pursuit to make things right, Darrel discovers a sex trafficking ring and attempts to help one woman escape. The criminals spot Darrell, hold him hostage, then kill him.

What makes the minor character’s death significant is that Voight suspected Darrell was being held by the criminals but didn’t have enough evidence to support the claim and therefore, couldn’t proceed with a warrant. Regardless, he pressed Miller to approach anyway and she told him to stand down. Ultimately, then, she’s partially responsible for the death of her son.

In this way, Miller’s return to the show symbolizes the significance of the character and the character’s plotline. It’s also possible Darrell’s death will have some kind of emotional effect on Voight as he intuitively knew Darrell was being held.

Regardless, season 9 of “Chicago PD” promises to introduce a lot of new, complex storylines.