‘Chicago PD’: One Actor Guest Starred As a Gang Leader Before Becoming a Series Lead on ‘Chicago Med’

by Shelby Scott

Chicago Med” fans know actor Brian Tee for his role as Dr. Ethan Choi, however, before he became one of the show’s beloved protagonists, he guest-starred on “Chicago PD.” Regardless of how you may feel about Tee now, we’re not sure you would have liked him as much for his role on “Chicago PD.”

During the early “Chicago PD” episode, Tee played the role of Jesse Kong. The episode in which he played, “The Three G’s,” premiered in August 2015. According to the One Chicago website, his character’s handiwork put him at odds with Hank Voight as the unit infiltrated Chinatown.

The clip that features Tee shows his character in a shoot-out before Voight asks, “Did you forget about our deal, Jesse?” The sergeant proceeds to arrest him and pursues another criminal in a different section of the hotel.

According to the site, while Tee continues to star in “Chicago Med,” he previously made appearances as Dr. Ethan Choi on “Chicago PD” several other times.

The guest-starring role appears to be one popular way in which the franchise’s main characters get their start.

Another of “Chicago PD” Season 2’s episodes saw actress Dora Madison play character Antonio Dawson’s confidential informant, Alissa Martin. The actress later received a more regular role on “Chicago Fire,” playing Jessica “Chili” Chilton in seasons 3 and 4.

Overall, if you’re an aspiring actor, your best bet might be auditioning for a guest role in the One Chicago franchise. You just might find yourself a permanent part.

One ‘Chicago PD’ Character May Feature on ‘Chicago Med’ Very Soon

While One Chicago fans gear up for the shows’ new seasons, they’ve had plenty of time to speculate. Considering the release of “Chicago PD” Season 9’s photos, there’s a good possibility that character Kim Burgess is absent from those as she may very well feature in the “Chicago Med” premiere.

Why might I assume that? Well, the franchise reassured fans that Marina Squerciati has renewed her contract with “Chicago PD.”

However, because of how season 8 ended with Burgess battling life-threatening wounds, it makes sense to expect a potential crossover. After all, it’s been speculated recently that all three new seasons plan to feature a major crossover episode. Why not start off strong with one?

The One Chicago Center posed a probable reason Squerciati did not appear in the “Chicago PD” preview photos. It’s possibly because NBC is trying to keep the specifics of the officer’s return as low-profile as possible. It’s not every episode we find one of our favorite characters fighting for their lives.

So perhaps we’ll encounter an early crossover between “Chicago PD” and “Chicago Med” as the hospital’s doctors rush to save Burgess’s life. Regardless, character crossovers are always exciting, either in large-scale or small-scale ways, such as Tee’s part in the early episodes of “Chicago PD.”