‘Chicago PD’: One Burgess Scene Put Fans Through the Wringer

by Maria Hartfield

NBC’s Chicago PD has been entertaining viewers for almost a decade. The Dick Wolf series has fans on the edge of their seat following the 21st District Intelligence Unit. One scene involving Officer Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati) really hit hard for some Chicago PD followers.

Burgess has faced her fair share of conflict throughout her tenure on the show. The former flight attendant continues to spread kindness in her endeavors. Sadly, despite her many good deeds, Burgess has been through much heartache during her nine-season long stretch on Chicago PD. First, her niece Zoe Silver (Aimee Laurence) almost died after a bombing occurs in Season 1. Next, Kim sustains a bullet wound. Then, her relationship with Adam Ruzek (Patrick John Flueger) ends in a broken engagement. Also, another boyfriend, Sean Roman (Brian Geraghty) ends up leaving Burgess behind when he moves from Chicago to San Diego in Season 3.

And that’s not all. Kim Burgess can’t seem to catch a break as the series continues. Good things don’t always happen to good people as is the case when it comes to Kim. Most recently, Kim suffers a physical assault and comes dangerously close to death in Season 8’s episode, “The Right Things.”

So, what is the most heartbreaking moment that Kim has faced?

Fans weigh in on Kim’s miscarriage

The Season 7 series premiere reveals that Kim was with child after a brief encounter with Ruzek in Season 6. Eager fans were looking forward to seeing Kim’s character embrace motherhood even though she wasn’t exactly the happiest being on desk duty operating the 9-1-1 hotline while pregnant.

The plot thickens when Kim’s passion gets the best of her in the episode “I Was Here.” She responds to a distress call about a girl in trouble with a human trafficking circle. Sadly, in the aftermath of the altercation, Kim lost the baby. The tragedy hits Kim hard. She goes to the hospital to cope with the horrifying loss. As the doctor confirms her miscarriage, Kim is barely listening frozen with shock from the loss.

Chicago PD fans were quick to voice their opinions on the heartbreaking experience.

“I never realized when Adam picked up a sobbing Kim, it sounded like she cried ‘it hurts’ into his shoulder when he carried her away,” wrote one Reddit user also stating that the episode was “brutal” to rewatch.

Another fan questioned whether the miscarriage was really necessary saying, “They put her character through a lot and I was hoping they’d let her have this.”

Some even felt the storyline was too intense writing, “As if Kim and Adam hadn’t already been through enough!” and u/FlimsyManagement wrote, “It was super brutal and very devastating to see but it propelled their individual stories forward in a really good way.”