‘Chicago P.D.’: One of Show’s Stars Didn’t Agree with Producers on His Character Being a ‘Bad Guy’

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images)

“Chicago P.D.” debuts its latest season this fall and fans are gearing up for the action-packed premiere. However, when the show first kicked off, iconic Sergeant Hank Voight, was not a well-liked character.

Producers framed him as a bad guy. While fans might agree with the label, Voight’s actor Jason Beghe explained it was troublesome and he did not like the categorization.

During an interview with TVMeg, Beghe described his first day on the set of “Chicago Fire,” which was long before he starred in the spin-off, “Chicago P.D.”

“The first day I showed up on ‘Chicago Fire,'” Beghe began, producers said, “Oh, you’re a bad guy.” He immediately argued the point, simply responding, “No, I’m not.”

For fans who remember Voight’s first appearance within the franchise, his argument might appear a little confusing at first. After all, Voight’s very first episode saw him lying and manipulating the law through his position. He also blackmailed and threatened other first responders.

However, during the interview, Beghe explained, “[Voight’s] just a person, and he’s doing what he thinks is right. We come up with solutions to cope.”

He further said that each character, much as it happens in real life, sees Voight in a different light. While Lieutenant Matthew Casey may see Voight as a dirty cop and a bad guy, his son only sees him as a loving father. “The thing that’s interesting,” he summed, “is that nobody is one thing or another.”

‘Chicago P.D.’ Season 9 Premiere Photos Lack One Important Face

Beghe and his character Hank Voight are central to the “Chicago P.D.” team. Thankfully, and as expected following the events of season 8’s finale, the actor and his character return in season 9. Additionally, there’s a chance Voight will come back with a stronger presence than ever. However, following the publication of premiere photos, “Chicago P.D.” is missing one important face among those featured.

Well, actually the photos are missing two important faces. The first is Officer Kim Burgess. Although her absence makes sense as the season 8 finale saw her fighting for her life at Chicago Med. However, one face that should theoretically feature in the photos is that of Officer Adam Ruzek.

Ruzek and Burgess, more commonly referred to as Burzek, are one of “Chicago P.D.” fans’ favorite couples. And while Ruzek took a backseat to the investigation at the end of season 8, shouldn’t he make some sort of appearance in the premiere of season 9?

Alas, he does not, although showrunners have not announced any major character departures as NBC amps up for the premieres of the “One Chicago” franchise. The season 8 finale saw Ruzek at home as his team went to recover Burgess. And while they found Burgess and transported her to the hospital, the premiere supposedly opens not long after the events of last season’s finale. So we can only assume Burgess’s fate and Ruzek’s coping will be revealed later.