‘Chicago PD’: Patrick John Flueger Named Ruzek’s ‘Father Figures’ on Show

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images)

Working law enforcement must be incredibly difficult when you go it alone. However, fortunately for “Chicago PD’s” Adam Ruzek, actor Patrick John Flueger revealed the officer has two “father figures” to which the character can look up to.

Despite the drama plaguing “Chicago PD,” Sergeant Hank Voight continues to serve as a father figure to his unit. We see that demonstrated as he takes consistent blows for Roy Walton’s death, despite Hailey Upton’s pulling of the trigger.

For now, Voight continues to protect Upton to the best of the abilities. Meanwhile, “Chicago PD’s” Adam Ruzek actor revealed Voight and another “Chicago PD” alum served as his character’s “father figures” within the show.

Of Voight and the deceased officer, Flueger said, “I think he’s learning from Voight and Olinsky.”

He continued, “They’re his father figures. They’re the guys that he looks up to.”

Flueger then went on to speak about “Chicago PD’s” previous focus on reform. He said because of his admiration for the two officers, Ruzek struggled to accept the new adaptions at District 21.

Flueger said of Ruzek to One Chicago Center, “I think that he understands [the reason for reform] [but] he sees the value and the virtue of doing business the way that they’ve done it in the past.”

Overall, it seems Ruzek was concerned with the changes between “old school” police work and modern reform. However, after several seasons, “Chicago PD” has truly worked on incorporating modern social issues and reform within District 21.

‘Chicago PD’ Midseason Finale Has Fans Concerned About Voight

Speaking of “Chicago PD’s” Sergeant Hank Voight, we continue to wonder what Wednesday night’s midseason finale holds in store. Last we knew, the FBI was breathing down Halstead’s neck, leaning on the younger officer to turn on the sergeant.

As longtime “Chicago PD” fans well know, Voight’s actions and procedures as a police officer have not always been ideal. Although, he does typically get the information he needs and the perpetrators he’s after. That being the case, there is little question why the sergeant covered up Roy Walton’s murder during season eight’s finale. Ultimately, we can assume he was simply trying to protect Upton.

Now, however, those sentiments have come to bite him in the behind and, due to unresolved tension with Jay Halstead, we can’t be sure the older man avoids the clutches of the law this time.

The last new episode of “Chicago PD” saw Halstead facing one major ultimatum. Either he and Upton go down for the murder of Roy Walton, or Halstead hands over the necessary information for the agency to convict Voight, and the younger officers go free.

In the end, neither seems like a good solution, on behalf of both the characters and fans. Hopefully, as we’ve seen in the past, showrunners provide us with some kind of loophole that sees all three fan-favorite characters remaining on the set of “Chicago PD.”