‘Chicago P.D.’ Star Patrick John Flueger Reveals ‘the Crazy Thing’ Show Did for Season 9

by John Jamison
(Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images)

Besides having an awesome name, Patrick John Flueger has portrayed Chicago police officer Adam Ruzek on Chicago P.D. since 2014. A few weeks ago, the actor revealed an interesting detail about the One Chicago affiliated show’s approach to Season 9.

If you’ve ever wondered how television shows structure their shooting schedules, wonder no longer. Typically, episodes are shot in the order they’ll eventually air. However, much like movies, the scenes within a given episode are often shot out of sequence. But for whatever reason, Chicago P.D. threw the episode order out the window this year.

Armed with this information, you can better understand why Patrick John Flueger called the current season’s premiere “crazy.”

“I didn’t actually find this out in the first episode, which was actually the second episode. We shot the second episode before we shot the first episode. I feel like nobody knows that, and it’s a crazy thing that we did,” Flueger told Starrymag.

Put yourself in Flueger’s shoes. Here you are, a regular on a beloved franchise series, thinking you’re working on the big Season 9 premiere only to find out that it’s actually episode 2. Not the end of the world by any means. But it must have been confusing for the Adam Ruzek actor as he jumped into storylines that hadn’t been set up yet.

Perhaps he chalked it up to the scenes being out of sequence. However, when they got to the end of the episode, he must have been completely lost in terms of the writing. Isn’t this supposed to be the season premiere? Why has Burgess recovered enough from her gunshot wound to leave the hospital already? It’s episode 2? Where was I when you guys shot the premiere? All questions we imagine ran through Flueger’s head that day.

‘Chicago P.D.’ Season 9 Putting Emphasis on Characters’ Home Lives

John Patrick Flueger didn’t stop at Chicago P.D.‘s episode shuffle, though. He continued to provide some insight into the overall focus of Season 9.

The series has taken a season-by-season approach to tone and theme. There is a different point of emphasis each time Chicago P.D. returns. And when we’re talking about police, there’s no shortage of material to explore.

“We kind of have themes every season. One season was ‘reform.’ And this season is ‘home,’ these guys trying to make themselves better lives outside of work, you know? So coming in and having that described to me has really influenced how I approach the scenes this year, how I approach the character this year.”

As an actor playing the same character for years, the changing themes and areas of emphasis must be a delight. It has given Patrick John Fleuger, at least, a brand new lens through which he can view his character.