‘Chicago PD’: Patrick John Flueger Had Trouble ‘Wrapping His Head Around’ One of Ruzek’s Storylines

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images)

Starring on one of television’s most successful law enforcement procedurals is surely no cakewalk as “Chicago PD” works to navigate the realities of American police forces. Overall, the balance between fiction and reality within the show is surely one major obstacle to navigate and overcome. However, Adam Ruzek actor Patrick John Fleuger previously revealed he had trouble “wrapping his head around” one of his character’s earlier storylines.

The “Chicago PD” actor has been a mainstay on the NBC show since its premiere in 2014. Therefore, his character Ruzek has had a lot of time to grow and develop.

Part of character development, especially on such a successful show, sees most characters encounter numerous personal and professional problems. And several years ago, Flueger’s character Ruzek was presented with such a troublesome storyline, the actor was unsure he could bring it to full realization.

Adam Ruzek Adopts Antagonist Attributes in Season Five

During season five’s sixth episode, entitled “Fallen,” Ruzek winds up being a mole in the “Chicago PD” unit. As such, it pits the character against everything he intially stands for. The “Chicago PD” actor spoke to that experience with One Chicago Center.

“They actually told me before I got the script [for ‘Fallen’] that was kind of the direction the character was going to go, at least for a little while this season,” the “Chicago PD” star shared with the outlet.

The revelation was surely troublesome in the first place. However, Flueger revealed the true difficulty he faced as the character’s actor.

The “Chicago PD” actor stated, “it took a little while to try and wrap me head around how to make it realistic for the character, and how to not walk away hating the character for betraying everything he believes in.”

Several seasons later, Patrick John Flueger has done exceptionally well for himself. Now, “Chicago PD” fans see new storylines developing within and around the character all the time. As Wednesday night debuts “Chicago PD’s” midseason finale, we’re interested to see what lies in store for Adam Ruzek.

Patrick John Flueger Speaks to Fellow ‘Chicago PD’ Character’s Strengths

Our beloved Ruzek actor clearly struggled with the season five storyline. However, season nine of “Chicago PD” continues to see his character and partner Kim Burgess struggle with their relationship.

As “Chicago PD” fans know, Burgess and Ruzek have struggled to make things work since way back in season one. Nine seasons later, it appears things still are not working out as the on-again, off-again couple had hoped.

Nevertheless, off the screen, the characters’ actors remain incredibly supportive of each other and Patrick John Flueger previously spoke to what Kim Burgess’s real strengths are within the show.

As a law enforcement officer, mental and physical strength alike are basically a requirement. However, in speaking to “Chicago PD’s” Burgess, Flueger said, “I think Burgess’ strength is in her heart, you know. She feels things very deeply,” as we’ve seen in her recovery this season.

Meanwhile, he shared of his own character, “Ruzek’s strength is in his conviction.”

Overall, it puts their personalities at odds, but the “Chicago PD” actor believes their differences are ultimately what will drive them together.