‘Chicago PD’ Presents a Hard Road Ahead for Burgess

by Victoria Santiago

It won’t be too long before we get to see a new episode of NBC’s Chicago PD. Season 9, Episode 14 is going to be a rough one for Burgess.

Her custody battle will be the center of attention in this upcoming episode, which is aptly titled “Blood Relation.” We know that Burgess has been fighting to keep custody of her adopted daughter Makayla. Obviously, she cares for Makayla enough to fight for her. However, her daughter has some other family members coming into the picture that make custody a little complicated. There will still be a case for the Chicago PD cast to solve, but Marina Squerciati’s character will be dealing with her own case.

Battling for custody is stressful, as we’ve seen on the show. Over the course of the episode, she’ll have to get ready to speak in front of a judge. On top of that, she has to focus on making sure her home is perfect for Makayla.

Support For Burgess and Her Custody Battle

Burgess will definitely be going through a rough patch in this upcoming episode, but that doesn’t mean she has to go through it alone. She’ll have the support of her coworkers, of course. Not to mention Ruzek, who has been there throughout the entire ordeal. Chicago PD is a close-knit family and they want to be there for her through this process. Everyone knows that she’s more than capable of taking care of Makayla. In fact, she often worries about who would take care of her if she wasn’t there, and tries to always keep her safe.

Even then, Burgess might not stand a chance against Makayla’s biological family. Needless to say, this storyline could prove to be absolutely devastating for the entire Chicago PD crew. Unlike other cases that the team has to solve, there really is no perfect answer here. Burgess can only do her best and hope that it’s enough. Thanks to CarterMatt, we know for a fact that Ruzek will be with Burgess in court. At least she’ll have a little bit of support in the courtroom with her.

Based on the episode synopsis, we might be left waiting a little longer for an answer. “The team searches for a brutal killer with a signature modus operandi. [Meanwhile] Burgess and Ruzek double down in their fight to retain custody of Makayla.” It seems that we won’t get a clear answer on the custody battle in “Blood Relations,” but hopefully a resolution is coming soon.

Given her painful history with starting a family, we hope this works out for her. We hope that things work out between Burgess and Ruzek, too. Along with Makayla, they make up a pretty good family unit. Any judge should be able to see that.