‘Chicago PD’ Season 9 Premiere Pics Mysteriously Leave Major Character MIA

by Anna Dunn

Chicago PD comes out later this month, and the season 9 premiere pictures already have fans buzzing. Last week, NBC released the first images of the new season. The photos gave fans plenty of information about the upcoming season, but the most interesting part of the photos wasn’t what was in them, but what was missing.

Adam Ruzek, played by Patrick John Flueger, is nowhere to be found. In the photos, each photo shows a member of the squad with the exception of Ruzek and Kim Burgess, played by Marina Squerciati.

When it comes to Burgess, her absence from the Chicago PD promo pictures is expected. The fate of Burgess was left in question after the season 8 finale. NBC took a similar approach with another series in the Chicago One franchise, Chicago Fire, where they didn’t include characters whose fate is in question.

But Ruzek’s absence from the premiere pics is more of a head-scratcher. Of course, maybe this could simply be that he’s waiting to hear back on Burgess’s status and is staying out of the action for that reason. But it also could be something else.

Ruzek’s absence has led some fans to question whether or not Patrick John Flueger is returning to the series. However, according to One Chicago Center, there have been no reports on Flueger leaving the show. While there’s no guarantee he’ll definitely be back, it’s far more likely he’s staying out of the action.

What fans are Looking for in ‘Chicago PD’ Season 9

Some fans have discussed what they are looking for in season 9 of Chicago PD. According to the One Chicago Center, fans have a few specific things they’d love to see.

One fan wanted more interaction with political figures like the one Voight had with Alderman Ray Price in season 6. Often, political interactions involve some sort of crossover episodes, so it would definitely be interesting to see.

Another fan absolutely wants to see Burgess recover after the shocking shooting in the season 8 finale. The fan, Bre, said that they should “actually show Burgess’s recovery, not jump right back to her being all healed and ready to go as the season begins.”

It’s a valid point, considering a ton of shows gloss over the intensive recovery process involved with injuries like Burgess’s. Other fans just wanted more of certain characters like Trudy. And of course, everyone is rooting for Burgess to simply recover. Whether we see it or not, that’s a priority for most fans.

Fans may want certain things from season 9 of Chicago PD, and they’ll find out if the show will deliver once it comes back on Wednesday, September 22nd. The other two shows in the franchise, Chicago Med and Chicago Fire, will also air on the same day.