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‘Chicago PD’ Showrunner Teases ‘Powerful’ Episode for Atwater

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Stephane Cardinale - Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images)

Chicago PD character Kevin Atwater currently finds himself in a tricky situation relationship-wise on the show. It seems things may be getting even more intense for him, as a showrunner recently teased “powerful” episodes on the horizon.

Kevin Atwater recently began a relationship with Celeste on Chicago PD. While that in and of itself isn’t a big deal, Celeste isn’t a fan of cops, to say the least. Naturally, this proves to be an interesting snag for their relationship and Atwater has yet to confide his profession as one to her. Speaking to TV Line, showrunner Gwen Sigan noted “Atwater has some powerful episodes coming up this season.”

However, it seems this line applies to more than the dynamic between Atwater and Celeste. Elaborating on her answer, Sigan teases the character is torn about quite a few things, including his identity as a whole. “We’ll dive once again into his relationship with Celeste, a woman he cares deeply about but who isn’t aware he’s a cop. Atwater’s lies put him in a tricky position — both morally and on the job.”

Continuing, she stated, “It’s quite a dilemma for him and also explores some deep territory Atwater’s been dealing with this season — the reasons he felt compelled to lie to Celeste, his relationship to being police, and his identity at large.”

Considering Atwater is typically honest and straightforward, this is a departure from what viewers typically see. It’s clear he’s conflicted on what to do and if what Sigan teased comes to fruition, we could see some big development for his character.

Kevin Atwater Actor LaRoyce Hawkins Talks About Keeping his Secret from Celeste

Kevin Atwater’s relationship with Celeste began with a one-night stand and blossomed into a relationship. Knowing Celeste doesn’t like cops, actor LaRoyce Hawkins recently shed some light as to his character’s thoughts. He also discussed why he hasn’t disclosed his secret to her yet.

Speaking to TV Insider last month, Hawkins talked about why Atwater decided to “choose safety over secret” with Celeste. “He went in thinking, ‘I gotta let her know,’ and it becomes easier not to,” he explained. “For both of them, it becomes easier for them to just find the safest space they can with each other because the main thing that I know we’re all as a cast and crew working towards for this season is home.”

Hawkins then talked about what home means to different people. Saying the two characters felt safe with one another at that moment, Atwater couldn’t say who he was. Interestingly, even Hawkins doesn’t know how long Atwater will live with his secret.

Between Hawkins’ statement and Sigan’s, it seems like things will come to a head soon.