Former ‘Chicago PD’ Star Sophia Bush Harvests Honey in New Series of Stunning Snaps

by Kati Michelle

Sophia Bush, known for her past presence on “Chicago PD,” took to Instagram to celebrate National Honeybee Day in a new photo series she posted over the weekend. To be more specific, the star celebrated the occasion with 70,000 little pollinators and her 3.8 million Instagram followers. In the series, the star proudly displays honeycombs while donning special protective gear and a beekeeping suit. In a very lengthy but eloquently written caption, she also tries to educate the public about a cause near and dear to her heart.

Without bees, Sophia Bush says, life would look vastly different. There wouldn’t be any farms, honey, avocados, wine, etc. Bush calls on us to appreciate bees and “look to [them] for their lessons on harmony, community, and balance.” She credits beekeeping with teaching her how to “slow down, listen, and cultivate biodiversity.” She calls the little creatures wonderful teachers and specifically shouts out both @honeyloveorg and @seed for their conservation efforts. She ends the post with an arsenal of hashtags: #savethebees #honeybees  #localhoney #crushandstrain #zoomforbabybees #canyouspotthem

Comments on the post have been limited by Bush, but the visible ones are nothing but positive.

Global Ambassador for Girls

Named one of CNN’s most charitable celebrities in the past, activism is a big part of Sophia Bush’s life. Acting as one of their global ambassadors, Bush joined Glamour’s “The Girl Project.” The initiative centers around advocacy and mentorship support for girls. They tackle big problems like providing access to education. They also fight against poverty, homelessness, teen pregnancy, human trafficking, and child marriage. Bush spearheaded a partnership with EcoTools to raise thousands of dollars for “The Girl Project” back in 2016. Since then, the initiative has expanded its influence to nearly 100 countries and built a handful of schools across the globe.

Sophia Bush is a Work in Progress

Recently announcing her engagement to Grant Hughes, Bush has a lot to be excited about in her personal life. She is also bolstering her professional career with her podcast, “A Work in Progress.” Available on Apple, the podcast has been established for quite some time now. Bush keeps her talks candid and no topic is off limits. The show also comes with a variety of guest appearances. In the past, Bush has spoken to world renowned surgeons, behavioral scientists, comedians, professors, and NBA Hall of Famers.

The most recent episode aired August 17th with guest star Justin Baldoni. You may recognize the director/producer/actor from his time on “Jane the Virgin” series and his appearance as guest host on “The Talk.” In this sincere conversation, the two tackle difficult topics like education reform, healthy habits, and the objectification of Hollywood stars. You can listen to the episode here: