‘Chicago P.D.’ Star Marina Squerciati Says Burgess ‘Wasn’t Wonder Woman’ in Upcoming Episode

by Megan Molseed

Tomorrow night we will catch up a little bit more with Chicago P.D.’s Kim Burgess as she continues to put the pieces back together aver a violently brutal attack that left her fighting for her life at Chicago Med.

During her run at the One Chicago as a Chicago P.D. officer, Kim Burgess has certainly proved herself over the seasons as being tough, and rarely backing down when she is needed.

However, that does not make her infallible.

And, even a tough Chicago police officer such as herself will need time to heal from such a brutal attack.

This, says Marina Squerciati, the actress who portrays Kim Burgess in the popular NBC drama, is something of which the Chicago P.D. showrunners have been conscious of as we see the officer begin to take steps in the healing process after the attack.

And, the actress says, it is an upcoming storyline for which she is grateful.

“I love that in this episode hey let me carry out that pain, that mental anguish, and that physical anguish and really work through it,” Squerciati says of her character’s healing process in the upcoming season.

“That I wasn’t Wonder Woman the next episode,” Squerciati adds.

What’s Next For Burgess On ‘Chicago P.D.?’

When we return to Chicago P.D. this week, Burgess is continuing in her recovery after the attack that nearly cost her everything.

Her wounds are still very fresh; as are the questions about how Burgess will do returning to the job.

“I don’t think she really knows yet what she is going to do,” said Squerciati.

The actress adds that her quick return to her position on the force may be a difficult one.

“I feel like people get the flu and are out of work longer than that,” she says of the journey her character is facing this season. “And she was brutally assaulted and shot twice.”

Finding the Space She Needs

Burgess says Squerciati is going to need a little bit of grace; especially as she works through her physical injuries, as well as the mental scars the attack has left her with.

“I think it’s a matter of Ruzek trying to give her the space she needs,” the Chicago P.D. actress says of the officer who has been focused on helping her in her recovery since the brutal attack. “But ultimately not giving her the time she needs to heal.”

Squerciati noted that part of her character’s struggle will be the fact that she never really found proper closure to her assault and kidnapping in the first place.

Burgess’s fellow officers believe her attacker is dead, and therefore no longer a threat. However, Burgess believes he is still very alive and in hiding.

Whether or not Burgess’s fears are founded, or just part of her need to heal from the attack is a piece of the story that will evolve throughout the coming Chicago P.D. episodes.