‘Chicago PD’ Star Marina Squerciati Once Appeared With Famous Child Star

by Joe Rutland

Marina Squerciati has been a regular on Chicago PD for some time. Did you know that she once made an appearance with a child star?

It’s true. Squerciati plays Officer Kim Burgess on the NBC police drama. What about, though, this connection with a child star is important? Let’s take a look and find out with some help and assistance from Looper.

So, that child star is Home Alone star, Macaulay Culkin. We’ll get into how that panned out in a minute.

‘Chicago PD’ Actress Happened To Be Born In New York City

Squerciati was born in New York City and always had an interest in acting. It led her to attend Northwestern University and get a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theater. She also had other dance education at the School of American Ballet.

Early theater work for the Chicago PD star included off-Broadway shows Beauty of the Father and Manipulation. She would play Judy Holliday in an off-Broadway production of Just in Time. That show was selected for the Fringe Festival. Squerciati won the Agnes Moorehead Award for her performance.

What was her first on-screen appearance, though? Here’s where we get the Culkin connection coming into play. Her talent as a dancer led to it. In 1993, Squerciati was cast as a Mouse and Polichinelle in the big-screen adaptation of The Nutcracker. Culkin played the Nutcracker in the movie.

Squerciati Has Been A Part Of ‘One Chicago’ Franchise Show Since Season 1 Opener

There you go. Now, Squerciati has been on Chicago PD for nine seasons. Burgess is loved by fans of the show. She debuted on the Season 1 opener back in 2014. Squerciati has been on there ever since. That’s a count of more than 170 episodes for the show itself.

Burgess knows how to get the bad guys off the streets of Chicago. But that character has risked her life to save partners. She got involved in a romantic triangle; Also, Burgess got kidnapped and wounded when shot by a thug.

There’s no doubt that Squerciati’s Burgess has earned her spot on the police procedural. While she is a high-profile persona in the series, Squerciati already had a show-business history that many fans may not know about. But she has been able to take her career to great heights. It is a solid win to be a part of a show like Chicago PD because there is always something going on. As we mentioned, Burgess has had her tribulations over the seasons.

Is it a sure bet that Squerciati’s character will go through more issues in the future? Hey, with a procedural show, anything is possible. But keep your eyes open as new episodes roll out the rest of this season.