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‘Chicago P.D.’ Stars Describe Hilarious ‘Stunt’ That Failed

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Getty Images

If you are a fan of Chicago P.D., you are going to love this one. We’ve got a hilarious story about a stunt on set gone wrong.

Chicago P.D. is a police procedural action-drama series created by Dick Wolf. Yes, that’s the same Dick Wolf that created the famous Law & Order franchise. The show first premiered back in January of 2014 and follows the patrol officers and the Intelligence Unit of the 21st District of the Chicago Police Department.

Jon Seda, Patrick Flueger, and Jesse Lee Soffer each star in the hit show. Seda plays Senior Detective Antonio Dawson, Flueger plays, Officer Adam Ruzek, and Soffer plays Detective Jay Halstead. And back in 2015, all three of them joined up to make an appearance on the Steve Harvey Show.

As you can probably imagine, it didn’t take long for Steve Harvey to show a clip of some of the antics that happen on the set of Chicago P.D.

‘Chicago P.D.’ Star Gets Kicked in the Groin

Yep, you read that headline right. You can take a look at the clip down below for yourself (around the 2:40 minute mark). But essentially what happens, is that Jesse Lee Soffer attempts some kind of karate kid-looking kick and just so happens to kick his co-star, Patrick Flueger, right in the you know what.

“Can I just defend myself for a second?” Soffer asked. “I wasn’t just kicking my friend in the man stuff. He was supposed to have a strap on — wait no — not a strap on, but it’s like a cup. If you are standing up straight and you don’t bend your knees, there is like shelf there and it’s for when you have to get kicked in the man stuff on a TV show.”

Flueger Tells His Side of the Story

Now, you may be wondering what was going through Flueger’s mind prior to all of this.

“My thought was that I wanted to look as Dragon Ball Z as possible,” Flueger admitted. “Just take that and look at the camera and be like, ‘That’s right!'”

However, that is not even close to what actually happened.

“But instead of standing straight up like he was supposed to, he kind of bent his knees a little, and I just made full contact,” Soffer laughed.

Meanwhile, fans of the show definitely seemed to enjoy the laugh.

“Lol Jesse and Patrick are hilarious, ” one fan gushed. “Trying to explain why one kicked the other in the balls. Dedicated, method actors right there. I love both of these guys.”

“Gets me every time,” said a second fan. “If I want a good laugh then I watch this section of the video. I also cross my legs and cover the area of impact from the video.”

“This man said ‘Dragon Ball Z as possible’ RESPECT,” commented a third user.