‘Chicago PD’ Takes Fans Behind Scenes of One of Show’s Most ‘In-Depth’ Stunts

by Megan Molseed

Watching the scene just makes you want to hold your breath right along with the actors as Chicago PD stars perform a wild stunt for an upcoming episode.

Recently, the Wolf Entertainment Instagram page shared a shocking behind-the-scenes look at a harrowing stunt performed by a few of our favorite Chicago PD actors. And, even though the One Chicago characters were just acting during the shoot, it still gives us chills!

“Behind the Scene: See how we brought the upcoming stunt in #ChicagoPD to life,” writes the Wolf Entertainment Instagram page. The post includes a brief video detailing all of the planning that went into the heart-stopping Chicago PD scene.

The video starts with a nighttime scene being filmed out on the Chicago streets in the middle of winter. We can see snow on the ground as the crews prepare to film the scene.

“We can only do this once, we don’t have time for mistakes,” a voice notes as the Instagram video clip begins.

‘Chicago PD’ Gives Us Chills With A Thrilling Winter Stunt

“When I first read the script I was excited,” notes Chicago PD co-executive producer and director Chad Saxton. “But also, ‘are we really doing this in January?'” the showrunner quips.

As Saxton speaks in the clip, we see a car being prepared for something – just before the shot turns to give us a glimpse of the vehicle sitting on a bridge. Inching closer and closer to the edge.

And then…BAM…the vehicle breaks through the barrier as the scene continues and begins its harrowing plummet into the lake. We all know this is not real, sure. And that it’s a behind-the-scenes look at the filming of a drama series. But even this look makes it’s hard not to gasp as the car crashes into the water!

Going All In For An Amazing Stunt

“Oh my god,” says Chicago PD actress Tracy Spiridakos as the car lands hard on the water, starting to sink.

“Kelli and I have to go in the river,” Spiridakos continues with a huge laugh as the clip switches to a scene where Spiridakos’s One Chicago character Hailey Upton jumps into the water. She is fully clothed and presumably after the vehicle. Or, rather what is inside the vehicle.

“It is one of the most in-depth stunts that’s been done on this show,” says Kelli Scarangello one of the Hailey Upton stunt doubles on Chicago PD.

The video then depicts part of the scene as Chicago PD’s Hailey Upton dives into the water, rescuing someone from inside the vehicle. It appears that it’s a man that Spiridakos is pulling out of the car, out of the water, and to safety.

This happens as divers surround the vehicle and the actress. Some are filming the harrowing One Chicago moment; others are likely there for safety. Either way, this behind-the-scenes look gets our heart rates going – so we can’t wait to see the finished product!

“It’s crazy that this is my job!” exclaims Spiridakos as the video comes to an end.