‘Chicago PD’: This Star Played One of Dolly Parton’s Friends in 1992 Rom-Com

by Taylor Cunningham

Does Chicago PD’s Amy Morton look strangely familiar to you? That’s because she once starred alongside Dolly Parton.

Morton, who plays Desk Sergeant Trudy Platt in the One Chicago universe, actually has an impressive acting career. And she’s met a lot of A-listers along the way.

When she first broke into the business, she landed a supporting role in a made-for-TV movie called Through Naked Eyes. And then, she had minor roles in a couple of TV series before getting her first big break, which was in a Dolly Parton Classic.

In the rom-com Straight Talk, Amy Morton played Ann, a friend of Parton’s Shirlee. In the movie, Shirlee decides to leave her small-town so she can follow her dream of becoming a radio host in The Windy City.

But things get tricky when Shirlee’s new employers convince her to lie to her audience and say she has a doctorate degree in order to gain more respect.

Morton’s part in the film was minor. But the actress still had a lot of screen time. And since she proved her acting chops, major offers started piling up.

Following Straight Talk, the Chicago PD starred in Rookie of the Year, 8 MM, and then Up in the Air. The latter was nominated for a staggering six Oscars. And Morton’s part was by no means small.

Marlyne Barrett Star Almost Starred on ‘Chicago PD’ Instead of ‘Chicago Med’

Gaffney’s head nurse Maggie Lockwood almost traded in her stethoscope for a badge.

When One Chicago creator Dick Wolf began his hunt for Chicago PD actors, he had Lockwood’s Marlyne Barrett on his radar.

Barrett had just returned from an acting hiatus after a personal trauma, and she was working on American Crime at the time. And Wolf liked how she handled herself in a procedural drama, so he had his people call up her people.

Barrett was thrilled to be noticed by the famed producer.

“Wolf Films is what we call the Wolf Pack. It had always been one of my dreams to work with Dick Wolf and Peter Jankowski,” she told Talk Nerdy With Us.

The actress thinks destiny stepped in to help her land a role in the universe because she didn’t know how Wolf knew that she was available. She auditioned for a few minor parts in PD, and Wolf liked what he saw. In fact, Barret got an offer to work on the show.

But out of the blue, Wolf “pulled the offer” and gave her an even better gig.

“They said, ‘No, we want you full-time on Med.’ That happened within a span of three days,” she continued. “Within three days I was told I was relocating to Chicago for an undetermined amount of time.”