‘Chicago PD’: Tracy Spiridakos Discusses Upton’s Progression After 10 Years on the Job

by Lauren Boisvert

Hailey Upton has been on the job for 10 years now on “Chicago PD,” and actress Tracy Spiridakos recently spoke with TV Insider to discuss her latest episode. She talked about Upton’s choice in the upcoming installment, plus her milestone year with “Chicago PD.”

In the episode, a choice faces Upton; save the driver or the passenger of a submerged car. She chooses the driver first, but when she goes back for the passenger, it’s too late. It turns out that the driver stole the car and kidnapped the woman after stalking her. Now Upton has to live with the choice she made. Eventually, she’s the one who takes the guy down, but the case still weighs on her.

When Upton’s milestone is mentioned, and the fact that she can’t really celebrate because of the case, Spiridakos replied, “I think a lot’s happened and she’s also not somebody who is comfortable in a position where everyone’s paying attention to her. So there’s also that but yeah, she’s not going to let this case go easily.” Upton doesn’t like to focus on herself and instead focuses on helping others, so she’s fixated on this case. She has to somehow make up for making the wrong call.

But, overall, she seems like she’s in a good place on the team; shefound a family in Intelligence. When asked how Upton feels about her career, Spiridakos said, “It’s really interesting to see how, when she had first joined the unit, she more stayed to herself and she didn’t really necessarily befriend anybody, didn’t really go out of her way to do that.”

‘Chicago PD’: Tracy Spiridakos Talks About Upton’s Growth

Spiridakos continued, “And we see her now and yes, it’s absolutely her family and seeing everyone together, I loved how it was edited, put together, and you just see them all enjoying each other and having a laugh. It was nice. When you’re going through a hard time, getting to be around the people that you love, even though you’re going through a hard time, is kind of what you need. It was really nice for them to set it up like that.”

Upton has definitely grown on “Chicago PD.” She married Halstead; she reached her 10 year milestone; she’s grown into her own and become a dedicated cop. Upton also, hopefully, learned from her mistakes with Roy Walton. The ordeal tested her relationship and respect for Voight; she got out of the situation, but not without some blackmail and shady dealings. It will be interesting to see if that close call affects her throughout the rest of the season, or if she already moved past the whole business.