‘Chicago PD’: Tracy Spiridakos Says Upton’s Choice Will ‘Stay With Her’

by Shelby Scott

“Chicago PD” finally returned with an all-new episode on Wednesday night. The long-awaited episode debuted following its month-long hiatus during the 2022 Winter Olympic Games. The latest premiere put a heavy emphasis on Officer Hailey Upton. The highlight contrasts with how the latter half of the season has progressed as it’s largely followed Burgess during her ongoing custody battle. And after the episode’s intense rescue, Hailey Upton actress Tracy Spiridakos says the officer’s choice will definitely “stay with her.”

As we saw during the new episode, Upton barely gave it a second thought when she dove in the frigid water. However, the pair of victims possessed an even more intense and complicated back story than we could have expected. And as such, it’s part of what made Upton’s choice so pivotal within the episode, even the series.

Upton’s Victim Becomes the Prime Suspect

Soon after Upton pulls the driver from the vehicle and first responders arrive, it’s ultimately too late for the passenger. Despite their best efforts, emergency personnel is unable to revive her. And what makes it more upsetting, especially for Upton, is the driver of the vehicle had been stalking the woman. He had just abducted her and Hailey learned she was only the latest of his victims.

So, if you don’t think Hailey’s decision will weigh on her in upcoming episodes and potentially similar situations, you’re wrong. As the “Chicago PD” star shared with TV Insider, “I think Hailey’s somebody that beats herself up…I think it’s something that sits with her. As we can see at the end of the episode, it’s definitely gonna stay with her.”

Season nine has been a super rough one for Hailey Upton. So, hopefully, when “Chicago PD” returns next week, the fan-favorite character gets a well-deserved reprieve.

‘Chicago PD’ Character Makes Frequent Franchise Crossovers

“Chicago PD” fans love any storyline that centers around the hard-driven Hailey Upton. However, another character, who features less prominently in the series, sees much love from fans. Additionally, she boasts the most appearances in another hit “One Chicago” series, “Chicago Fire.”

Amy Morton, who plays Desk Sergeant Trudy Platt, has the most “Chicago Fire” appearances among all of her “Chicago PD” costars. And while Trudy doesn’t head out on the scene as much as she used to, her frequent cameos in “Chicago Fire” are the result of her marriage to veteran firefighter Randal “Mouch” McHolland.

Altogether, the “Chicago PD” star has an impressive 30 total “Chicago Fire” appearances to her belt. And on both shows, the character is known for her tough love, often solving the most complicated of situations with her will-intentioned, though frequently blunt, wisdom.

Hopefully, we’ll get to see more of Trudy throughout the rest of “Chicago PD” season nine, and maybe even back over on “Chicago Fire.”