‘Chicago PD’ Villain Could Be Making a Surprise Return to One ‘Chicago’ Franchise

by Megan Molseed

From the moment “Chicago PD” fans were introduced to Denny Woods (Mykelti Williamson) on the popular NBC series, it was clear that the character meant trouble for the show. While fans were happy to see Woods go down for his many wrongdoings at the end of “Chicago PD’s” fifth season there is always the chance that the character could return to the series.

However, recent reports that Mykelti Williamson will be returning to the One Chicago franchise don’t necessarily mean the villain is about to wreak more havoc upon the “Chicago PD” team.

The actor will be joining the team on the “Chicago PD” related drama “Chicago Med.”

This time, however, Williamson will be sitting behind the camera. Williamson is set to direct at least one episode of the popular series upcoming season.

“Chicago PD” Villain Is Switching Roles

It is still unknown what episode the former “Chicago PD” actor will be directing on “Chicago Med.”

However, a recent Instagram post by one of the “Chicago Med” stars suggests that it may be an episode featuring Dr. Crockett Marcel (Dominic Rains.)

“Bigups to a real one,” the actor said in the Instagram post this weekend.
“They don’t make em like big bro @mykeltiwmson,” Rains continued. “Always a privilege and honor to work with this legend.”

When Mykelti Williamson joined the cast of “Chicago PD” in season four, it soon became clear that he meant trouble.

In the past, Denny had been partnered with now “Chicago PD” Sargeant Hank Voight. As the season progressed, we learned that Denny and Voight had issues when Hank learned that they had arrested a man for a murder he didn’t commit. It was later revealed that Denny had a hand in this arrest and he was subsequently promoted to lieutenant while the wrongly accused prisoner was given a life sentence.

During his time with One Chicago on the series, Denny Woods didn’t spare any time going back to his villainous ways. He quickly became one of the most hated characters in the series.

Williamson Has Directed For “Chicago” Before

It’s big news that the actor will be returning to One Chicago. Even if it is for a behind-the-scenes role. However, this won’t be the first time Williamson has found himself in the director’s chair for the “Chicago” shows.

This will be Williamson’s fourth time directing an episode of “Chicago Med.”

Williamson is also credited for directing two “Chicago Med” episodes in the show’s sixth season. As well as one episode in season five. The former “Chicago PD” villain is also credited as director in three episodes of the hit NBC police procedural drama.