‘Chicago PD’ Star Wants Her Character’s Spin-Off to Be the ‘Worst’ Gardening Show in the World

by Matthew Memrick

If “Chicago PD” star Amy Morton had her way, her character’s spin-off show would be the “worst gardening show in the world.”

That sounds right, coming from the two-time Tony Award nominee who is everyone’s favorite gruff desk sergeant Trudy Platt. Platt had been there from the show’s beginning in 2014.

There are already four Chicago-themed shows, and Platt could be a prime subject for the next one. Or maybe not?

“Platt trying to garden would be hilarious,” the 62-year-old Morton, a Chicago native, said. “And seeing guest stars like Burgess (Marina Squerciati)” would be a fun watch.

Burgess To Take On Another Spin-off Appearance?

Kim Burgess appears on “Chicago Fire,” “Chicago PD,” and “Chicago Med.” She also made an appearance on “Chicago Justice.” So, you’d have to wonder if this Morton show would be named “Chicago Gardening” or “Chicago DIY Garden.” I don’t know. Maybe there’s a catchier name floating around out there for the “Chicago PD” star.

Or maybe Platt would work well with “Chicago Fire” regular Randy “Mouch” McHolland (Christian Stolte)? Mouch had a knack for rushing to help Platt in her time of need. When Platt’s attacked and her father murdered in Season 4, Mouch is there. Later, when an explosion injures Platt during a TV interview, Mouch is there again. The duo takes on a dependable and sweet approach to each other. 

So, maybe “Chicago: Platt and Mouch” or “Plouch” could have a ring to it.

Morton summed it in another fine point. Most of the people on her reality show “don’t know how to garden either.”

What’s Morton’s final twist on the show? “It’s basically drinking wine in the backyard and complaining about other people,” she said.

Platt Undervalued In Chicago Franchise?

Morton’s character isn’t out of the “Chicago P.D.” flock, but fans can admit she needs more airtime. Maybe she can find her way out from behind the desk again or make it over to “Chicago Fire.”

One Chicago PD fan site backed the fan-favorite, saying, “The eighth season didn’t give One Chicago fans a Trudy-centric episode, and it sometimes felt like she had more to do on “Chicago Fire.”

‘Chicago P.D’ Star’s Worst Moment

Morton told The Chicago Tribune about getting a bit part for 100 bucks. 

She appeared at the opening of the 1980 film was “Can’t Stop the Music” with The Village People, Valerie Perrine, and (Caitlyn) Jenner as a sea nymph. 

Initially, Morton and her former roommate, Glenne Headly, jumped at the role. Headly, however, got a mermaid part while Morton was assigned her sea nymph role. Three other women sat with Headly and Morton in a fountain while waiters wore rain slickers.

At one point, a Chicago Sun-Times columnist and his wife start throwing shrimp at the women. The women get tired of sitting in the fountain but stay until the humiliating end. However, Headly can’t walk in her mermaid costume, and Morton finds a waiter to carry her out.

How about that for acting.