‘Chicago PD’: What Jesse Lee Soffer Says Makes the Series ‘Always Challenging’

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Jim Spellman/Getty Images)

Chicago PD is well underway its ninth season on NBC and it is better than ever. But one of the stars of the program, Jesse Lee Soffer, dished during an interview with DuJour about why the series is “always challenging.”

When Jesse Lee Soffer was asked about the role he said, “It’s always challenging. I’m always trying to find the character and trying to change the character and figure out what he’s going through and what he’d be experiencing in a given moment or something like that, but on top of that we’re always learning. We have cops with us all day on set, we have our technical advisors constantly teaching us new tricks of the trade and putting us in scenarios that we haven’t been in before. So the job is always challenging and there’s always a new experience. I think that keeps us on our toes. “

Jesse Lee Soffer gets real here. It is a tough job to play a cop on TV, and he is open about that. Because the show is still going and figures to be going for a while, you can understand why Soffer feels this way. You have to continue to evolve or risk things getting stale.

He sounds like an actor who is getting ahead of that. He knows he needs to stay engaged to the character. With so many episodes, it is easy to go through the motions, so it is super cool that he is not doing so. Another interesting nugget is that cops are on set with the cast every single day.

Jesse Lee Soffer’s Future on ‘Chicago PD’

Jesse Lee Soffer’s Jay is a big part of Chicago PD and fans want to know what the future holds for a fan favorite like him.

Soffer said, “Jay was in the military and he was at war, and he’s kind of like a badass. I like it when someone’s imperfect, when the good guy doesn’t always win or when he makes a mistake and screws up. There have been a couple of episodes so far this season where we’ve gotten to see more of an emotional side to Jay, and you know to see his compassion and that hasn’t been something that’s been there in the previous season. It’ll be cool for the fans to see.”

Chicago PD does a very good job of showing the good and the bad with its characters. Jay is no different. It is interesting Soffer would like to see Jay continue to evolve as a human being. To show more of his emotional side that fans have not had a chance to really see yet. We shall see if that ends up being the case.