‘Chicago PD’: Why Amy Morton Swapped Theater Work for Role as Platt

by Quentin Blount

You know her now as Sergeant Platt in NBC’s Chicago PD. But actress Amy Morton hasn’t always made her living on TV.

Amy Morton has been starring in Chicago PD since 2014. She plays the role of Sergeant Trudy Platt in the NBC drama series. However, one thing that Chicago PD fans might not know about Morton is that she had a rich career in theater before starring in the show. Not only that, but she also has two Tony Award nominations for her performances in August: Osage County and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?. These awards recognize excellence in live Broadway.

So, what exactly made the now Chicago PD actress commit to working in the television industry? It’s not something that she really ever envisioned until the opportunity presented itself. She explained as much in a 2016 interview with TV Fanatic.

“The storyline was so good and the character was fantastic,” she said. “I was like, ‘this is someone who’s completely truthful and unbelievably flawed and trying to do the right thing every day but is hard to get along with. And I was like, ‘this is me, this is really going to be fun.’

‘Chicago PD’ is Filmed in Amy Morton’s Hometown

Sure, the storyline of Chicago PD is fantastic. And, of course, Amy Morton’s character Sergeant Trudy Platt is great in her own right as well. But there is still a little more to the story of why the actress decided to commit to the television show for a few years instead of her regular career in theater.

The reason? Chicago PD is filmed in, well Chicago. And it turns out that Morton was born in Oak Park, Illinois — a village in Cook County that is adjacent to Chicago. Because of her proximity to the city, Morton has always considered Chicago her home.

“Also, this is my hometown,” she explained.

That in itself is a big reason as to why this opportunity was so special to her. Amy Morton likely could have had her choice at several other acting roles, be in movies or on television. But she had always been dedicated to her career in theater. However, when the opportunity arose to play an awesome character on an awesome show right in her hometown, she simply couldn’t turn it down.

“You can ask any actress, to get a job in their hometown it doesn’t happen,” Morton said. “So I felt really lucky to have this in my town. So I wasn’t going to say no. I’m so freaking lucky to have this job in my hometown. I’m very grateful.”

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