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‘Chicago PD’: Why Did Antonio Dawson Actor Jon Seda Leave Show?

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Timothy Hiatt/WireImage)

Jon Seda left Chicago PD after his character hit a “creative dead end.” But the actor may make a One Chicago cameo in the future.

Jon Seda’s Detective Antonio Dawson was a One Chicago fan-favorite from the moment he got his on-screen start in 2012. The detective first appeared on Chicago Fire in 2012 and then moved to Chicago PD for a starring role in 2014.

But five years later, Detective Dawson abruptly left the series. Apparently, both Seda and the producers thought that the character had played itself out. So in a joint decision, Seda left the franchise.

Of course, audiences weren’t pleased with the decision to take Jon Seda out of the show. The character was in the middle of a dramatic addiction subplot. And when he left, the writers didn’t give Dawson’s story a proper conclusion.

In the end, Detective Dawson’s send-off took place off-screen. During season seven, Detective Voight mentioned that he took Dawson to a rehabilitation center. Then a few episodes later, the show finalized Seda’s exit by saying the character moved to Puerto Rico to be with his family.

However, despite the less than graceful exit, Jon Seda left the Dick Wolf series on good terms. And showrunner Rick Eid told CinemaBlend that he’d gladly welcome Seda back for a guest appearance.

“I think the door’s always open for someone like Jon”, he shared. “Everybody here loves him, thinks he’s a great actor.”

Why Burgess Didn’t Change Jobs After Adopting a Child on ‘Chicago PD’

Last year on Chicago PD, Detective Kim Burgess made a huge life change. She adopted a little girl.

Her new daughter, Makayla, was orphaned after her father murdered her mother and grandmother. And because Burgess has suffered her own tragedy when she miscarried, she instantly bonded with Makayla.

The detective was happy to take on motherhood and adapted to the change almost seamlessly. And despite the fact that the choice could have risked her future with the PD, she continued to work in the field.

During a recent interview with US Weekly, Burgess’s actress Marina Squerciati was asked why the character didn’t switch jobs after taking in Makayla. And Squerciati wondered why she would. Women balance motherhood and careers every day.

“It’s just like what I do every day. I may not be able to hang out with the cast because I’ve gotta go home and tuck somebody in,” said Squerciati. “You do the job the same, I just think you have less time to give people.”