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‘Chicago P.D.’: Why Patrick John Flueger Called Fighting Costar LaRoyce Hawkins ‘Really Not Fun’

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images)

Adam Ruzek and Kevin Atwater are close friends on Chicago P.D., but last season, the two officers went through a rocky patch. And in a recent interview, Ruzek’s Patrick John Flueger admitted that fighting with his co-star on-screen was not an easy task.

During a recent interview with Starry Constellation Magazine, Flueger talked about season nine of Chicago P.D. and all things Ruzek, which, of course, means that Atwater came up in the conversation. The two officers are best friends. And until season eight, it seemed like they had an unbreakable bond.

Last year on Chicago P.D., a white police officer shot an African American man. The events that followed drove a wedge between Atwater and Ruzek. And it took some time for the officers to work through their issues. In season nine, the two are back to normal. But while Flueger was chatting, he admitted that fighting with Atwater’s LaRoyce Hawkins was “Really Not Fun.”

In real life, Flueger and Hawkins are close. So filming the episodes that highlighted the Atwater Ruzek fight was tough. Flueger said that even though the fight was fictional, he and Hawkins still had to channel negative energy to create the scenes.

And creating frustrations made things awkward. Luckily, the actors are so close that they could sit down and work through the tensions. But Flueger said that for a while, he had to stay away from his buddy because he didn’t know how to pretend like he was mad at him.

“I can’t stay mad at the guy in my normal life. And I can’t not goof around with the guy,” he said.

Flueger went on to say that LaRoyce Hawkins is the last person on the set of Chicago P.D. that he wants to fight with.

“It [wasn’t] easy,” he added.

‘Chicago P.D.’ Makes Major Move as Show Boss Steps Down to Focus on ‘Law & Order’ Revival

Showrunner Rick Eid is stepping down from his duties on Chicago P.D. so he can focus his efforts on the new Law & Order‘s Season 21 revival. Gwen Sigan will serve as the new executive producer.

Rick Eid has been with the series for over four years. But since he was working at the helm of three hit-shows, he decided he needed fewer responsibilities. So Eid walked away from Chicago P.D.

“While this couldn’t have happened without Rick Eid’s guidance, it is also a testament to Gwen’s vision, hard work, and talent. Chicago P.D. remains in very strong hands,” Wolf Entertainment COO Peter Jankowski said in a press release.

“We are excited to cement our relationship with Gwen at Universal Television,” Universal Television president Erin Underhill added. “From her first day on the job at Chicago P.D., she captured the characters’ voices and flawlessly weaved them into thrilling cases with unexpected character turns. We are grateful to have her at the helm of this venerable Wolf series, and look forward to a long and successful partnership.”