Chris Daughtry’s Daughter Latest: Her Boyfriend Reportedly Arrested Same Day as Her Death

by Kati Michelle

It’s never easy sharing the heartbreaking news of a tragic death. Chris Daughtry found himself in the middle of a tour when he received word that his 25-year-old daughter Hannah, unfortunately, passed away. The Nashville Police Department confirmed that she was found deceased in her Tennessee home. The Daughtry rock band understandably postponed the rest of their show dates as the investigation into the tragic death got underway.

As Chris made his first public statement surrounding the solemn circumstances, fans rallied to offer their support and grieve along with him. It read: “I am still processing the last 24 hours. I am absolutely devastated and heartbroken. I just recently in the last week lost my mother to cancer but I was blessed with the chance to say goodbye and I was processing it privately.” Later updates revealed the death of Chris Daughtry’s daughter as reportedly a homicide and officials just revealed further information.

Potential Suspect in the Investigation Into Chris Daughtry’s Daughter’s Death

News of the death and homicide emerged Friday, November 12th. Shortly after, it is confirmed that officials arrested Hannah’s boyfriend, Bobby Jolly. Officials did not disclose the reason(s) for the arrest. However, speculation surrounds the event leading people to wonder whether Jolly’s involvement comes as a “Person of Interest” or “Suspect.”

This incident does not mark the first encounter Jolly shares with the police. Back in April, officials reportedly arrested Bobby Jolly regarding his involvement with a hit-and-run incident in Tennessee as per ABC6. Road rage may have played a part in escalating the encounter. Bobby Jolly allegedly shot at another vehicle’s driver, according to police reports. Hannah Daughtry was present at the time.

He appears to remain at Fentress County Jail for the time being.

Who She Leaves Behind

Hannah leaves behind two children, one son, and one daughter. Unfortunately, Hannah previously lost her biological father when he took his own life. Her mom then met Chris Daughtry (her stepfather) who she later married.

“I love this person because she just dealt with some real bulls**t of mine that I’m dealing with myself, and she’s strong enough to stand by me and get through it with me, and hopefully, we come out stronger together,” Chris previously said about Deanna.

Deanna also recently posted a tribute to Chris to celebrate their relationship together. “I love you so much,” her caption started. “I’m so proud of us….all we have overcome together, all we have shared, and most of all how much we’ve grown! Xoxoxo”

Outsider sends our thoughts to everyone affected by this great loss including Hannah’s friends and family as well as the whole of the Daughtry crew.