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Chris Jagger Says Relationship with Rolling Stones Rocker Brother Mick Is a ‘Two-Way Thing’

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Brian Rasic/WireImage)

Following the release of his new single, “Anyone Seen My Heart?” Chris Jagger, the brother of legendary Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger revealed more details about his relationship with the musician.

While chatting with Page Six, Chris described his relationship with the Rolling Stones rocker as a “two-way thing.” He goes on to share, “He’s pretty solid. He understands my point of view because I say to him, ‘Look, you know if you’re not in touch, forget it.’ Because it has to be a two-way thing.”

The Rolling Stones’ frontman’s brother also declared that everyone has to work on relationships in order to keep them together.

“One of my way of doing that is bringing [my brother] into the stuff I’m doing,” he said. The duo recently worked together on Chris’ single “Anyone Seen My Heart?”

Chris also stated that no matter if someone has famous brothers and sisters, they are still like regular people. “You’ve got work on the relationship. You know ‘Come on over, do this.’ ‘Why don’t we do that?’ ‘Get together on your birthday.’ So all the same stuff applies.”

Mick Jagger Opens Up About Life Before Joining the Rolling Stones

In a 2018 interview with the Independent, the Rolling Stones legend talks about what his life was like growing up, including when he was arrested on drug charges.

“Well, I did go to jail, for a brief period. It wasn’t very pleasant,” Jagger recalled. He also declared he was put in jail over nothing. 

“It was a very odd time in English life,” the Rolling Stones frontman explained. “There was a very sharp divide and everything. And even though it was pretty meaningless, socially, [the trial] was a dividing point between one kind of liberal thinking and straight-down-the-road old-fashioned thinking.”

While also driving into his childhood, Mick Jagger also said that at his household, everyone did “something.” His thing was singing and dancing. “I used to do lots of initiations. I did songs. Dances, you know, to anything.”

Mick Jagger then stated that his father was not exactly thrilled at the idea of him ditching school to join a rock band. Prior to leaving, the London School of Economics told the musician that he could come back whenever he wanted to.

“So I didn’t see the downside of [my decision], really. But I think it was a bit of a shock. Because being in a rock band wasn’t really a career in those days.”

In regards to avoiding interviews and not writing books, The Rolling Stones bandmate added, “I don’t need to do those things. So why do things you don’t need to? You know what I mean? I don’t like doing unnecessary publicity. I’m quite happy to talk to you about my shows. I’m a very outward person.”