Chris Lane’s Wife Lauren Details Pregnancy Journey: ‘We Prayed Every Day for Months’

by Madison Miller

Chris Lane and Lauren Bushnell shared the news a couple months ago that they were having a baby boy.

Bushnell is known for her time on “The Bachelor,” where she ended up engaged to Ben Higgins. The two announced their split in May 2017. Both have now moved on.

Chris Lane and Lauren Bushnell Lane got married in October 2019 in Nashville, Tennessee. Lane and Bushnell spent months trying to get pregnant. According to People, Bushnell talks about the journey that led to her pregnancy in a long New Year’s blog post.

“It didn’t take us an abnormal amount of time, the whole process really opened my eyes to the struggle that many women and families face,” Bushnell wrote on her blog.

She did not get off birth control until March 2020. The two decided they wanted to enjoy time together before starting a family. After trying for five months, worry started to cloud her brain.

“I couldn’t help but compare my situation with those of my friends who it happened very easily for, a lot of the time unplanned … And as hard as trying to conceive is on the woman, I just want to take a moment to acknowledge the impact it has on husbands as well. I’m so thankful for Chris. He is such an eternal optimist and I admire his faith so much – he truly was my rock through the emotional rollercoaster of it all,” Bushnell shared.

Reflecting on Pregnancy and Marriage

After incorporating ovulation strips and progesterone tests, the couple found out happy news in September. After a positive at-home test, she went to buy another digital one at the store. Bushnell said that her anxiety over the situation had to do with her mom. She had four miscarriages between all her children. She wrote that she is “incredibly thankful to be pregnant,” since other women often struggle far longer and often with tragic news.

“Pregnancy truly is a miracle and I’ll never take that for granted. We prayed every day for months and obviously our prayer was answered, but I know there are a lot of unanswered prayers out there … So many women who are quietly struggling and I’m thinking about every single one of you. I pray for hope and peace for everyone reading this struggling. Miracles happen every single day,” Bushnell said.

Before the miracle happened, she took to Instagram to express just how grateful she was. She revealed that they were always being asked about when they would have kids. While they were trying hard, it didn’t seem to distract from just how in love the two were.

“As I write this now I literally have tears streaming down my face because I cannot image living life without you @iamchrislane. I am so lucky I get to wake up next to you every morning, lucky I get to pray next to you and am continually humbled by your heart of gold,” she captioned the photo.

After getting pregnant, she had to share the news with her other two children. That being her two dogs, Cooper and Chloe. The couple had Cooper for a year until they fostered Chloe only to end up falling in love and adopting her.

It will soon be a family of five.