Chris Pratt Giving Deployed Service Members, Families a Special Gift for Father’s Day

by Amy Myers

In honor of Father’s Day, actor Chris Pratt honored four service members and their families with a “special treat” from the production team of his upcoming film, The Tomorrow War. In a video exclusive with PEOPLE, Pratt offered four active Army members and their families a sneak preview of the coming movie. Along with the special screening, the families back home will also be receiving a dinner on behalf of the studio.

“Unfortunately, for the service members, I can’t provide you dinner. You’re going to have to eat the same old stuff you probably always eat,” Pratt told the families with a chuckle. “But your families are going to get treated to a really special meal.”

As Chris Pratt delivered the heroes their happy news, it was clear that all on the call are thrilled—and perhaps a bit starstruck. The thought behind the gift was so that the families could watch a movie together, even though their dads may be hundreds of miles away.

“That’s coming from us to you with a tremendous amount of love and gratitude for your service,” Pratt said in the video call.

Chris Pratt Expresses Appreciation for the Service Families

Besides gifting the families with an exclusive look at The Tomorrow War, Chris Pratt also took the time during the video call to express his gratitude to both the service members and their families back home. Although the star may live a comfy life, he hasn’t forgotten who to thank for those luxuries.

“I understand that the life I live inside of a bubble of protection that you provide for me,” Pratt expressed. “Just know, I do not take it for granted. I’m living my dream and I know you’re making that possible. Thank you.”

He continued, “My favorite part of this life that I’ve been blessed to be able to live and lead is to be able to openly show support for our men and women in uniform. You mean the world to me, I mean that.”

It’s safe to say that at least part of Chris Pratt’s sincere appreciation for military families stems from his own personal connections. In the short Q&A segment of the call, Pratt revealed that his brother is a sheriff’s deputy in the U.S. Army. The star then remarked on how different he is from his brother, admitting he always needs to be “the center of attention.”

Pratt Gains New Perspective As a Father

Another contributing factor to Pratt’s recent generosity may be that he’s a father himself. With eight-year-old Jack and 10-month-old Lyla Marie, the movie and sitcom star no doubt feels a soft spot for those that can’t spend Father’s Day with their children.

Along with his own experience with fatherhood, Pratt also shared with PEOPLE how his role in The Tomorrow War has changed his perspective on his own parents.

“There’s a moment where you realize your own parents are just kids who had kids,” he said. “And it’s like, ‘Oh wow. So this deity in my life that I looked up to as a god is really just a flawed human being just like myself…’ They’re just people just like you.”

“I think this is a film about redemption and second chances and coming to grips with the fact that maybe you’re a lot more like your father than you’ve ever realized,” Pratt said. “And finding grace and forgiveness for your father and yourself at the same time in those moments.”