Chris Pratt Lands Atop TV’s Highest-Paid Actors List with Mind-Boggling Salary

by Megan Molseed

Chris Pratt has landed himself a spot at the top of the TV’s highest-paid actors list. The “Terminal List” star is raking in a cool $1.4 million per episode on the Amazon series.

Part of this enormous salary increase is likely because movie stars developing more deals with streaming companies. A big name often leads to big viewership.

The “Jurassic World” star is now number one on Variety magazine’s list of highest-paid TV stars. Pratt is reported to be making over one million per episode for his role on Amazon Prime’s newest thriller series, “The Terminal List.”

The full list, which was released on August 24, identifies 28 actors who have soared to some massive paydays.

Chris Pratt Sits at Number One But Others are Close Behind

Longtime Hollywood movie star, Jeff Bridges followed Chris Pratt on the list, taking the number two spot. Bridges is earning a $1 million salary per episode of the upcoming FX and Hulu series “The Old Man.” This series is set to premiere in 2022.

Third on Variety’s list is “Breaking Bad” star Bryan Cranston. Cranston is recorded as making $750 thousand per episode for the SHOWTIME series, “Your Honor.” This is certainly a lot for a per-episode salary, but it’s little compared to what Chris Pratt is said to be raking in on his series.

Chris Pratt may be atop the list that was released Tuesday, however, Robert Downey Jr. may knock Pratt out of the top spot with an upcoming HBO Max series.

It has been reported that the “Iron Man” star is set to earn $2 million per episode of “The Sympathizer,” a Vietnam War thriller series.

Included on the list along with Chris Pratt, Jeff Bridges, and Bryan Cranston are Sex and the City stars. Each of these actors are earning between $650 and $750 thousand per episode for the upcoming HBO Max reboot of the hit series.

Sarah Jessica Parker is reported to be earning more than her costars. However, this pay difference is likely since the “Sex and the City” star has dual roles on the series. Along with starring in the hit comedy, Sarah Jessica Parker also serves as executive producer for the series.

Additionally, Kate Winslet is bringing in a reported $650 thousand per episode for her drama series “Mare of Easttown.”

The forty-five-year-old Oscar winner leads the popular HBO crime series.

Jason Sudekis is bringing in a big paycheck for his starring role in the popular comedy “Ted Lasso.”

Sudekis, who stars in the series is reported to be making as much as $400 thousand per episode.

Also featured on Variety’s list of the highest-paid TV stars is former “X-Files” star Gillian Anderson. Anderson is starring in the upcoming SHOWTIME series, “The First Lady,” and Ted Danson. Ted Danson is reportkedly bringing in $400 thousand per episode of his new HBO comedy, “Mr. Mayor.”