Chris Stapleton Lends Support to Eastern Kentucky Flood Victims

by Jonathan Howard

The state of Kentucky has suffered a lot in the last few days. Chris Stapleton is reaching out to help his home state during these times. The country music star has used his platform in the past to help those in need. With communities, just a short drive away from Stapleton’s hometown, the impact is being felt as folks look for answers and assistance.

With his Outlaw State of Kind Hometown Fund, Chris Stapleton is going to team up with Kentucky Red Cross and Appalachia Crisis Fund. Together, these two organizations will get funds and resources to those that need them most.

Chris Stapleton Joins Flood Recovery Efforts

“Our hearts are with Eastern Kentucky & everyone who has been affected by the devastating floods throughout the region. The Outlaw State of Kind Hometown Fund is donating funds to the Kentucky Red Cross and Appalachia Crisis Fund to aid those in need.”

Stapleton put out a tweet, announcing the news.

“We will be sharing links to additional resources and information, and ask that you please consider a donation to support recovery efforts if you’re able,” Stapleton said in a follow-up tweet.

Of course, Chris Stapleton and his wife Morgane aren’t just soliciting donations. The country music couple is also donating themselves, according to the foundation.

Take it from this Bluegrass Outsider, this is a bad situation, folks. This isn’t just a one-time thing, either. Every year it feels like flash floods blast through these vulnerable communities. All those streams and creeks fill up fast as the water rushes down the hills and mountains.

Chris Stapleton has shown up on many occasions for Kentuckians in need. He’s not forgotten his state or the people in it.

Kentucky Death Toll Rises Amid Flood Waters

Of course, Chris Stapleton is one of many people that are trying their hardest to help the flood victims. Seeing entire towns, neighborhoods, homes, and buildings underwater is shocking, to say the least. Governor Andy Beshear has been giving updates throughout the recovery effort.

When the first round of rain subsided earlier this week, Beshear knew things were not going to be good. He announced that there would be double-digit deaths due to the floods. As of right now, there have been 25 deaths tied to the disaster that swept through the region. There are a lot of folks hurting and searching for answers right now.

So, consider donating if you can. Chris Stapleton is doing a great thing, but there are many other funds and resources that are out there doing good work as well. Recovery efforts are going to take a while, the waters will leave behind mounds of debris and the physical work will get underway to get these communities as close to normal as they can be after this.