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Chris Stapleton Reveals Sinus Surgery Affected His Vocals on Upcoming Album

by Matthew Wilson
Chris Stapleton Reveals Sinus Surgery Affected His Vocals
Photo credit: Mike Windle/Getty Images for Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

Chris Stapleton is releasing his new album Starting Over in November. The album is symbolic in ways more than one. The country singer struggled to recapture the magic after having sinus surgery.

Stapleton had the surgery three years ago, which as a result had a strange side effect. It changed the sound of his voice.

“So I’ve had to relearn a little bit how to use the instrument that I have, and sometimes I think I’m doing okay, but the other times it feels like an untrained thing that I don’t quite have a grasp on,” Stapleton told Apple Country Music’s Kelleigh Bannen. Bannen interviews country singers like Stapleton and Luke Bryan on her show Today’s Country Radio with Kelligh Bannen.

Chris Stapleton also dealt with a power outage.

In addition to sinus surgery, Stapleton also dealt with a power outage while recording the album. He was recording in Muscle Shoals, Ala., when the entire town lost power. Stapleton shut down his recording session.

“Yeah, all these kind of acts of God against — ‘You’re not supposed to be doing this right now,'” Stapleton explains in an interview available on Apple Music Radio. “And just mentally, I had to reset for a minute … It’s not like we didn’t get anything out of it. It just, I was having a hard time crossing the finish line, mentally, and that was a new thing for me that I hadn’t on some other records.”

Despite the struggles, Stapleton considers his upcoming album is one of the best he’s ever created. The album will feature 14 songs, including several he played live during his 2019 tour. One of the new songs “Watch You Burn” is Stapleton’s reflection on the 2017 Las Vegas shooting. The titular “Starting Over” is Stapleton’s first single in two years. The artist previously released his last studio album, From A Room, Vol. 2, in Dec. 2017.

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