Chris Young Wins Christmas with Hilarious ‘Die Hard’ Ugly Sweater

by Madison Miller

It’s an age-old debate. Is the classic film, “Die Hard,” starring Bruce Willis and Alan Rickman, a Christmas movie? Did country artist Chris Young end the debate?

Chris Young Rocks ‘Die Hard’ Sweater

For country artist Chris Young, it isn’t even an argument. He recently posed in a photo on Twitter sporting his Christmas-themed “Die Hard” sweater.

The sweater is bright red and says, “Nakatomi Plaza Christmas Party 1988.” It has an image of the building with festive snowflakes scattered all over. He captioned it “If you know, you know #MerryChristmas.”

Young then ignited the war between those who believe that the action movie is a Christmas classic and those who do not.

One user posted a photo that reads, “There are two types of people in this world: People who know Die Hard is a christmas movie and communists.”

Another fan countered by saying, “yeah, sorry … I still don’t see how it’s considered a Christmas movie.”

Teasing New Music

Besides igniting a Christmas-themed war, Young has also been keeping up with creating music. He released “Famous Friends,” a collaboration with Kane Brown.

Young has been working on his next album for years. He has been adding track after track to his collection of songs.

“So, here’s the thing: If you ask me how many songs I’ve tracked and finished, I think it would about 16 at this point … like, the album could go out tomorrow. And now, the longer I get to work on it, the more I’m like, ‘Well, I’m just gonna keep adding to it,” Young told The Boot.

There are rumors that he has so many songs he may even turn it into a double album release. Songs like “Raised on Country,” “Drowning,” and “If That Ain’t God” are all sneak peeks at what’s in store.

At the end of the day, the experience to record has been a fun one.

“I’m just really having fun with it right now. They’re letting me be as creative as I want, so I’m doing it,” Young said.

A Never-Ending Debate

Being fun, looking forward, and teasing fans is all in a day’s work for the country artist. Whether it’s debating “Die Hard” or talking about just how many songs fans will get to hear, he appears to be an expert.

Even though the director of “Die Hard” has said his thoughts on the matter, fans will always go back-and-forth.

“Other people started to catch on that this was a movie where the hero was a real human being and the people of authority, all of the important folks, were all portrayed as kind of foolish. Everybody, as they came to work on the movie, began to get that, as I said, this movie is an escapee [from the Hollywood machine], and there was a joy in it. We hadn’t intended it to be a Christmas movie but the joy that came from it is what turned it into a Christmas movie,” Director John McTiernan said, according to Screen Rant.

While that debate will never close, one thing is certain. Chris Young has an album, possibly a double album, on the way.

And there’s a lot of new music to be heard.