Chrissy Teigen Replaced in Popular Netflix Role in Wake of Cyberbullying Controversy

by Emily Morgan
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

The bad news keeps rolling in for internet personality Chrissy Teigen

Recently, Entertainment Weekly reported that Teigen was dropped from yet another gig when the Netflix series, “Never Have I Ever,” removed her as a narrator. The Cravings author was set to narrate the voice of Paxton for the show’s second season. 

To replace Chrissy Teigen, the series has chosen model Gigi Hadid to narrate instead. 

The announcement comes after the mom of two decided to leave the show back in June. One month earlier, Teigen had received heat after Courtney Stodden alleged that Teigen had repeatedly harassed her via direct messages. Teigen would later apologize to Stodden in a series of public tweets.

“Chrissy Teigen has decided to step away from a guest voiceover role in one episode of the upcoming second season of Never Have I Ever,” a spokesperson said. “The role is expected to be recast.”

Gigi Hadid to Replace Teigen in Netflix Series

Netflix kept the recasting of a new narrator a secret until the show’s release. However, now that the episodes have been released, viewers can hear Hadid in the second season’s third episode. The 26-year-old supermodel is the narrator of episode three.

Hadid announced the news of the gig via her Instagram. She wrote, “Had the BEST time getting to narrate a new episode of @neverhaveiever— I got your back, Pax! Check out Season 2, NOW [email protected]!!!!”

After making the public announcement, her fans were quick to voice their support.  One person wrote on Twitter: “I SCREAMED when I heard Gigi’s voice narrating episode 3 #NeverHaveIEver.”

“Is Gigi Hadid really voicing over this show right now #NeverHaveIEver,” wrote another person.

Chrissy Teigen Reveals Her Thoughts on Cancel Culture in New Post

Teigen recently posted a lengthy post via Instagram in which she lamented on being a part of the “cancel club.” On Wednesday, the 35-year-old explained that to her, cancel culture “is a fascinating thing” she’s “learned a whollllle lot” from.

“Only a few understand it and it’s impossible to know til you’re in it,” she wrote at one point in the post. “And it’s hard to talk about it in that sense because obviously you sound whiney when you’ve clearly done something wrong. It just sucks. There is no winning. But there never is here anyhow.”

“All I know is I love you guys, I miss you guys, and I just needed an honest moment with you because I’m just … tired of being sick with myself all day,” the statement wound down. “I don’t even know if it’s good to say any of this because it’s gonna get brutally picked apart but I dunno. I can’t do this silent s–t anymore! If you or someone you know has also been cancelled [sic] please let me know if there is a cancel club reunion because I could use some time off my couch!”