Chrissy Teigen Replacement on Netflix Show Announced: Watch the New Teaser

by Josh Lanier

Another job bites the dust for Chrissy Teigen. Netflix said it is replacing the model and actress on one of its most popular shows after private DMs showed her cyberbullying a teenage girl. This is just the last in a long line of lost jobs and sponsorship deals since the tweets became public.

Screenrant reported that model and actress GiGi Hadid will fill her role on Never Have I Ever for its second season. The show is loosely based on comedian and writer Mindy Kaling’s teenage years. Teigen played her inner monologue. Though, the show has used other people to play different parts of Kaling’s inner thoughts in the past.

Despite Teigen walking away from the show in June when she was radioactive, Netflix kept the casting of Hadid quiet until this week.

Hadid posted a teaser trailer to her Instagram about her new role in the show’s second season.

“This is Paxton Hall-Yoshida. He is a 16-year-old boy from Sherman Oaks, California, and I am model, designer, activist, and a former 16-year-old from California, Gigi Hadid,” she says in the clip.

“You may be asking yourself, ‘Why is Old Gigers taking time out of her busy schedge to narrate the story of a 16-year-old boy?’ Believe it or not, I relate to this kid. We’re both constantly underestimated because people only see us as sex symbols.”

“Had the BEST time getting to narrate a new episode of @neverhaveiever — I got your back, Pax! Check out Season 2, NOW on @netflix !!!!,” she wrote in the caption of the post.

“Big love to @mindykaling & the whole NHIE team!”

Kaling responded, “You did such a great job! We loved having you.”

Chrissy Teigen Decries ‘Cancel Club’ On Instagram

In May, model Courtney Stodden said Teigen attacked her online without cause when she was a teenager. Others came forward as well saying she’d sent them threatening DMs. “She wouldn’t just publicly tweet about wanting me to take ‘a dirt nap’ but would privately DM me and tell me to kill myself. Things like, ‘I can’t wait for you to die,” Stodden told The Daily Beast.

Teigen apologized in a lengthy Medium post, saying she was “mortified” by her behavior.

Stodden came to fame after she married 50-year-old actor Doug Hutchison when she was only 16. Stodden and Hutchinson divorced in 2020. She said he “groomed her” into becoming his wife.

Chrissy Teigen‘s apology tour seems to be over, however. She posted to Instagram earlier this week that she was tired of being stuck on the couch. Saying, “It just sucks.” She also called out the “cancel club” mentality of social media.

“… I’m not used to any other way!! Cancel club is a fascinating thing and I have learned a whollllle lot,” she continued. “Only a few understand it and it’s impossible to know til you’re in it. And it’s hard to talk about it in that sense because obviously, you sound whiney when you’ve clearly done something wrong. It just sucks. There is no winning. But there never is here anyhow. All I know is I love you guys, I miss you guys, and I just needed an honest moment with you because I’m just…tired of being sick with myself all day.”