Chrissy Teigen Walks Away From Netflix Show Amid Backlash Over Past Bullying Tweets

by Madison Miller

Amongst massive online backlash, Chrissy Teigen is stepping down from one of her upcoming projects.

The model and television personality was going to be a part of “Never Have I Ever”on Netflix. The show is about a first-generation Indian American teenage girl as she tackles the trials and tribulations of high school. She is also grappling with the recent loss of her father.

The show is created by Mindy Kaling, an actress and TV producer known for “The Office” and “The Mindy Project.” According to Variety, Chrissy Teigen was going to have a voice role in season two of the Netflix comedy. However, Teigen is now walking away from the show amidst serious backlash.

She was only going to appear in one episode. This voice role will now be recast.

Chrissy Teigen Bullying Accusations

It has recently been revealed that the TV personality engaged in online bullying against Courtney Stodden, a popular model and reality TV star. Stodden discussed being bullied by Chrissy Teigen in an interview published with Daily Beast. The bullying occurred about a decade ago, right around when Stodden had married Doug Hutchison. A lot of the bullying circulated around the fact that she was 16 and he was 50.

Her taunts and bullying via direct messaging came full-circle. Chrissy Teigen also issued an apology on May 12 after the Stodden interview went public.

“Not a lot of people are lucky enough to be held accountable for all their past bulls— in front of the entire world. I’m mortified and sad at who I used to be. I was an insecure, attention seeking troll,” Teigen wrote in a Twitter post. She also stated that she tried to privately connect with Courtney Stodden, but also felt like her fans and others deserved a public apology.

It’s unclear how Stodden perceived the apology. Stodden and movie producer Chris Sheng are engaged. The two have been on-and-off dating since 2017. Stodden divorced Doug Hutchison in 2017.

“And to Doug… I’ll always love you; yet I’ll always be angry. You’ve left me — a child woman, feeling belittled and confused. These things I shall overcome. I wish you well. But please don’t ever do this to another minor again. It’s not right… even if the parent signs off. Wait a respectable amount of time before marrying. Children aren’t on your level. I’ll always love you regardless. Be better. As shall I,” Stodden wrote on Instagram, according to People.

Teigen Mentioned on ‘Saturday Night Live’

Since the beginning of May, Chrissy Teigen has not been vocal at all on her social media accounts. Others, however, are continuing to talk about the implications of her cyberbullying.

On an episode of “SNL,” popular comedian Pete Davidson talked about the Chrissy Teigen drama. It was during a segment he does on the show called “Weekend Update.”

He was talking about what he considers some of the possibly “good things” that came out of the COVID-19 pandemic. He said, “If there’s one good thing about the pandemic, besides getting Chrissy Teigen out of our lives, it’s …” Davidson received a mix of applause and laughing from the crowd.

People on social media also had mixed reactions on his joke regarding the situation.