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Christie Brinkley Posts Fire Pic in Turks and Caicos, Proving Age Is Just a Number

by Jennifer Shea
Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for National Geographic

Christie Brinkley is still feisty at age 66. On Friday, the former model and actress posted a photo of herself beachside in Turks and Caicos on Instagram.

“She’s Such a Beach!” Brinkley posted, alongside laughing smiley emojis.

Brinkley recently got hip replacement surgery, Page Six reported. By the time she got it, it was 26 years since a Telluride, Colorado helicopter crash in which she suffered minor injuries. 

“The pain in my hip got a little bit worse each year,” Brinkley said on Instagram. “[Twelve] years ago I was told it needed to be replaced but the surgery was daunting! And I had things to do! But quarantine put a damper on any plans so I decided to finally take time for myself and do something about the pain that had progressively influenced my decisions. I wanted to be ready to be able to say yes to opportunity.”

Her surgery went well. She got it on Thanksgiving, and by New Year’s, she was dancing and exploring coral reefs. 

Brinkley said she decided to share about her surgery in order to persuade others not to put off procedures or treatments they need out of fear. 

Like a lot of people, Brinkley gained some weight while in quarantine. But over recent months, she has been posting a lot of photos of herself in swimsuits to demonstrate the benefits she’s reaped from some gym time.

Brinkley revealed that she has a Total Gym in her bedroom that she’s been using. She also gardens, goes boating and takes speed walks on nearby beaches.

And Brinkley has also weighed in on current events through her Instagram account. Earlier this month, she posted a strong statement about climate change juxtaposed with photos from her time on the beach.

“Tide pools, coral reefs, sea life, coastal Flora facing extinction like the local Thatch Palms here, threatened by rising tides … all things we can help save now by rejoining the Paris Accord,” she wrote. “These things are all an integral part of a strong economy as they provide livelihoods from tourism to fishing. Everything’s connected. I hope a part of our healing as a Nation is healing our planet too.”

The Trump administration withdrew from the Paris accord in 2017, citing a study that found that it would cost the economy $3 trillion in lost GDP and 6.5 million industrial jobs.

However, the study neglected to include offsetting job gains from clean tech jobs, according to the Austin American-Statesman.

The Biden administration’s move to rejoin the Paris accord means the U.S. has to cut emissions from 2005 levels by 25% by 2025. The U.S. will have to submit an emission reduction plan, which will hit some states harder than others.