Christopher Walken Destroys Original Banksy Art While Filming ‘The Outlaws’

by Megan Molseed

Longtime actor Christopher Walken has been caught on tape while painting over some extremely valuable artwork.

The artwork? An original image created by the notoriously secretive street artist, Banksy.

Walken painted over this valuable artwork while filming his recent BBC mini-series called The Outlaws.

The work Walken destroys in the episode features the popular artist’s tag, along with a rat holding two spray cans.

The secretive artist painted the piece especially for Walken’s BBC series. The series was shot in Banksy’s hometown of Bristol.

Christopher Walken Tasked With Community Service In New Series

In the six-episode comedy-drama series The Outlaws, a group of misfits, including Walken, serve their community service. This group serves its sentence by renovating a dilapidated Bristol community center.

In the series, Christopher Walken portrays Frank, one of the “outlaws.”

According to reports, Walken’s character, Frank, completes his community service by painting over the valuable graffiti in the series’s final episode.

When Frank comes upon the Banksy graffiti in the final episode of The Outlaws, he asks his probation officer Diane if he should paint over the pictures.

Distracted, the probation officer doesn’t take a close look at the artwork and tells him to paint over it.

And, Frank is entirely unaware of how valuable this piece of work on the side of the building actually is. So, he goes ahead and covers the original, and very valuable, creation up with some off-white paint.

The Picture Was Definitely An Original Banksy

A spokesperson for the series confirms that the artwork Christoper Walken paints over while filming The Outlaw was, in fact, a Banksy original.

‘We can confirm that the artwork at the end of The Outlaws was an original Banksy,” the spokesperson says in a statement.

“And that Christopher Walken painted over that artwork during the filming of this scene,” the spokesperson continues. “Ultimately destroying it.”

However, much like many of Banksy’s other works, there was a purpose behind this creation that Walken covered in the upcoming episode; a purpose beyond simply decorating a bare wall on the side of a building.

Christoper Walken’s destroying the artwork was a pre-agreed upon situation between the mysterious graffiti artist.

Banksy has long been a big fan of the iconic Hollywood legend.

Furthermore, Banksy was happy to oblige the show’s director, Stephen Merchant who is from Banksy’s hometown of Bristol. Pleased with Merchant’s showcasing his hometown, the artist was happy to be a part of the six-part series.