Christy Carlson Romano, ‘Even Stevens’ Star, Reveals She’s Five-Years Sober

by Jacklyn Krol

Christy Carlson Romano revealed that she has been sober for the last five years.

The Even Stevens and Kim Possible star took part in a viral TikTok challenge when she made the big announcement. Social media users have been sharing their accomplishments while lip syncing to “Know Yourself” by Drake. “I’ve been running through the six with my woes,” she sadly sings. Then she repeats the lyric scream-singing it proudly and impressed with herself.

Romano wrote alongside the video, “Graduated from [an] IVY League [school], sober for 5 years, have 2 daughters.”

“#DeepRealization,” she captioned the video. “Life hits you hard sometimes…”

Christy Carlson Romano attended Barnard College and got her film studies degree there. She welcomed two daughters with her husband, actor and producer, Brendan Rooney. She gave birth to Isabella Victoria Rooney in 2016 followed by Sophia Elizabeth Rooney in 2019.

Christy Carlson Romano’s Personal Essay

Back in 2019, Christy Carlson Romano wrote an extremely candid essay concerning her health and well-being. She published it on Teen Vogue and discussed her life struggles.

“While many witnessed my costar Shia LaBeouf struggle publicly, I have largely suffered in silence,” she revealed. “I am not a victim, but I have never been perfect or pulled together as my reputation or the successes of my young adulthood might suggest. During a period of time in my life, I grappled with depression, drinking, and more, desperate to find fixes for how I felt.”

She began acting at six years old and landed her Even Stevens role at 14. She said that nothing could have prepared her for fame. During that time, she struggled with comparing herself to others and believed that she wasn’t good enough in any respect.

Romano revealed that she was in such disarray at one point, she paid $40,000 for a crystal from a psychic to fix her life. She began to “flirt” with self-destructive actions. She revealed that she struggled with alcohol addiction along with her relationships and entertainment career.

She later centered herself and discovered what actually mattered in life. Her passion for acting re-emerged and she was able to create a family.

“I haven’t had a drink since before my first pregnancy and am going to continue to abstain from alcohol so that I can continue to make clear-headed decisions that keep me on the right path. All that matters now is my amazing family. When I look back I can see that it’s all I ever wanted,” she concluded.