Classic Bill Murray Film ‘Kingpin’ Receiving Unexpected Sequel

by Suzanne Halliburton

Nostalgia rules. The Bill Murray movie Kingpin is getting a sequel all these years later. Will it be a strike, spare or a gutter ball?

You remember, Kingpin, right? It’s the goofy movie about a bunch of pro bowlers, current and former. The movie was first brought to audiences by the brother duo of Peter and Bobby Farrelly, who first took silliness and bawdy humor to high art in the 1990s.

Collider reported Wednesday that the Farrelly Brothers are producing the sequel to Kingpin. There’s not much known about Kingpin Part II other than the Farrellys are producing the movie. It’s being developed at Village Roadshow Pictures.

Bill Murray starred in the first Kingpin as evil bowling superstar Ernie McCraken. In real life, Murray is a huge fan of all sorts of sports from football to basketball to baseball to golf. Kingpin was no Caddyshack, but name a better bowling movie? We’ll wait.

Woody Harrelson also starred in Kingpin. He was a down-on-his-luck former bowler named Roy Munson, who mangled his hand in a con job. In 1996, Harrelson still was mostly known for playing Woody Boyd in Cheers. But he also starred in the 1992 sports classic White Men Can’t Jump. In Kingpin, Harrelson discovered Amish bowling sensation Ishmael Boorg. He was played by Randy Quaid. Dennis Quaid’s older brother hasn’t acted much the past decade, so it’s not likely he’ll be in the sequel.

This Bill Murray movie also had athletes making cameos. Baseball star Roger Clemens played a character named Skidmark. And real-life pro bowlers Parker Bohn III, Randy Pedersen and Mark Roth were opponents of Roy Munson.

The Farrelly Brothers introduced themselves to American pop culture in 1994 with Dumb and Dumber. And to date, the only sequel the two have done was for this movie (Dumb and Dumber To in 2014). Kingpin was sandwiched between two massive hits. After the movie in 1996, the Farrelly Brothers gave us There’s Something About Mary. They did a string of hits including Me, Myself and Irene, Shallow Hal and Stuck on You. The two also could do serious. Peter Farrelly wrote, produced and directed Green Book, which won the 2019 Academy Award for Best Picture.

Kingpin grossed $32 million in 1996. But it did good business in movie rentals, which elevated the bowling silliness to a comedy classic. So stay tuned for more details about the sequel, including whether the likes of Bill Murray or Woody Harrelson sign on to reprise their characters.