Clint Eastwood’s New Film ‘Cry Macho’ Will Only Stream for One Month After Release: How to Watch

by Thad Mitchell

Legendary Hollywood actor and director Clint Eastwood’s latest film offering, “Cry Macho,” will hit theaters and HBO Max this weekend.

Clint Eastwood, at the age of 91, stars in and also directs “Cry Macho,” a western-themed movie. In the film, Clint Eastwood plays Mike Milo, a former rodeo star whose advanced age has caught up with him. Milo is asked by his former employer, played by country music superstar Dwight Yoakam, to retrieve his son, Rafael, from Mexico. While south of the border, Rafael carries out a life crime and runs afoul of some powerful people. He often participates in illegal cockfights, with his rooster named Macho. Along the way back home, Rafael and Milo form a bond that is heavily tested. In addition to Clint Eastwood and Dwight Yoakam, the film also stars actors Fernanda Urrejola, Eduardo Minett and Natalia Traven.

Clint Eastwood fans can begin streaming “Cry Macho” tomorrow (Friday, Sept. 17) on HBO Max. The movie will stream on HBO Max for 31 days before it departs the popular streaming service. Friday is also the day that “Cry Macho” will appear in theaters nationwide. As with most Clint Eastwood films, the movie is expected to be a box office success. The film has drawn modest reviews to this point but critics are predicting a successful opening weekend for the movie. There is certainly quite a bit of buzz growing for the movie just days before it is made available to movie fans.

‘Cry Macho’ Trailer Builds Hype for Film

A big reason for the hype surrounding “Cry Macho” is the trailer that dropped earlier this summer. It features shots of Clint Eastwood’s character as he prepares for a trip to Mexico. The trailer made its appearance on social media in July.

“The legendary Clint Eastwood returns to the silver screen as director and star of Cry Macho,” the Instagram post says. “The film is in theaters and streaming exclusively on HBO Max September 17. Watch the new trailer now.”

Movie fans certainly seem happy that a new Clint Eastwood flick will be available this weekend. Many film watchers say they will be viewing the movie as soon as it comes out on Friday.

“The movies he directs are so emotional,” a fan writes. “I want to watch this when it comes out.”

“I have been waiting for another Clint Eastwood film that had a western feel,” another Eastwood fan says. “Really looking forward to ‘Cry Macho’ Tomorrow.”

“This movie looks awesome and it looks like a vintage Clint Eastwood movie,” another social media user remarks. “I will be the first in line for a ticket when it gets to the movie theaters. Really excited for this one!”